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L1 clubs with non-league heritage

Today's match had me thinking. Imagine bringing a football fan from 1986 forward 35 years and showing them that a quarter of the third tier is composed of Wycombe, Cheltenham, Fleetwood, Accrington, Morecambe and Burton. Only Wycombe and Cheltenham were even in the Conference at the end of the 1985-86 season, and Wycombe were relegated. I am sure it would be mind blowing for that 1986 fan!

Does anyone know if there has ever been this many teams in the third tier who were traditionally non-league before promotion and relegation began from the Conference?


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    Not forgetting Headington/Blackbird Leys United, and more recently Wigan Athletic and Cambridge United.

    EDIT - Didn't read the last paragraph. The perils of skim reading the Gasroom when watching MOTD

  • 3 teams from the old division 1 in it as well from 85/86

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