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Free Kicks

Don’t know if there are any current referees on here that could answer this.

If an attacking free kick is awarded, let’s say right on the tip of the D of the penalty area. If before the ref has marked out the 10 yard line (right across the penalty spot to make it easy to visualise as we know that’s 10 yards) the attacking team make a 3 man wall before the defence has time to set their wall where would the ref make the defenders stand?

They must be “at least” 10 yards away, and attackers must be 1 yard from the defensive wall. But there’s nothing I know that says the ref can order an attacker to move from their position. So would the defensive wall have to be 1yard behind the attackers wall?

If so would that extra yard, and view obstruction of the defenders to the ball, allow a good free kick taker enough extra room to get the ball over the defensive wall (assume attackers wall perhaps ducks a bit as kick is taken).


  • You mention the rule that the attacker has to be that distance away.
    So if the defence line up on the line, the attacker would quickly be jogged on by the ref.

  • Agree if the defenders take up that position first.

    But the defence can’t line up on the line if the attackers are already there. There’s nothing to say that the attackers must move to allow defenders their choice of position.

  • edited September 2021

    The rule that attackers can't be within xx yards of the wall is exactly that.

    As in the unlikely even that 5-6 attackers sprint to get in position, the defenders would simply line up millimetres behind them.
    Meaning the attackers are then breaking the rule.

  • Werder Bremen had a goal disallowed yesterday cause one of their players was standing in the Hamburg wall - which I assumed would result in a retake, but apparently not!

  • The ref must have seen it as an infringement within the new rules?

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