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Match ticket not received

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Unfortunately I am still waiting for my Oxford match ticket to arrive. I only found out late last night as I have been away. I’ve tried calling the club to see if they are able to set one aside for me to collect at Oxford but have been unable to get through to anyone.

Does anyone know if they staff the ground prior to away matches or have any suggestions as to how I might make contact with someone from the club?

I’m not overly keen on travelling to Oxford and hoping someone either believes me or I’m turned away at the door.



  • @a40, I'm assuming that you have a ticket account with WWFC?
    If so try logging in and checking what delivery method they have recorded. If it was collect (and you didn't) then the ticket will be taken to Oxford for collection.
    Only gives you a record of the transaction though no actual option to print ticket at home as far as I can see
    You could also try reaching out to the club via twitter, Matt Cecil and co will be all over that platform.
    Fingers crossed.

  • According to my friend(I'm in the same situation), a away ticket collection booth will be located next/near to the away turnstiles. I'd imagine all tickets sent are sent 1st/tracked so surely they haven't posted it. Tweet them maybe?

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    I cant help directly here, I'm afraid, but, as a guide on the postage question, I received my tickets in the mail on Wednesday.

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    @bigred87 don't think they ever track tickets like that.
    Would be too expensive.

    @a40 don't panic, if you can't get through on the phone or if you're not a twitter user, just make sure you have your proof of purchase, either printed if you're one of the rare people who have a home printer, or just on your phone.

    Then get to Oxford early, first check at the little wycombe ticket collection point and if it's not there, I'm sure their ticket office can re-print you one as a worst case scenario.

  • Thanks all for the advice. I’ve messaged Matt and if I don’t hear from him will probably take the bigred87 approach and turn up clutching my e-receipt and hope for the best.

    I could always watch from the car park!

  • First result of the day, the postman has just turned up with my ticket. Now leaving for Oxford. COYB

  • Good to hear @a40.

    Didn’t realise I was a rare person, @Malone !

  • @micra said:
    Good to hear @a40.

    Didn’t realise I was a rare person, @Malone !

    They are surprisingly rare. Probably because decent ones cost a lot, and those cheapo ones have a tendency to go wrong quickly, or need refills way too often.

    Good to know though, I might be round with some printing requests ;)

  • Good luck.... we can always watch over the fence if not.

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