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The Retro final

The 10 to 15,000 non regular WWFC supporters desperate to show their colours
are gonna have to look in the wardrobes for vintage garments by the look of things.
We must be the first team in modern history that hasn't flooded its catchment area with
Wembley merchandise. Perhaps this clever unique marketing ploy is a 2 fingered salute to Capitalism ??
Good job we dont need the money !!


  • I might knock up some cheap, plain looking tshirts rather than sell loads of scarfs and flags

  • I wonder how much money we are genuinely missing out on. Does anybody have figures for estimated profits for the previous visits? My superficial impression is that although a fair bit of stuff does get sold, an awful lot is left over. This also seems to have applied to the various ranges of stuff in the club shop. Is this common to all clubs, or are the smaller clubs particularly poor at estimating demand?

  • Tee shirts available on line or from the club shop from noon today Price £12

  • As I understand it, WWFC has sold its rights to merchandise for a flat fee and makes no cash on shirt sales and the like. Whether that was a good or bad deal obviously depends on the fee! To be fair to the club and the supplier, they have only a few days between semi final and final to make merchandise (probably in China?) and get it onto stores. If they pre-order it and hope, they would probably have been stuck with it had we lost the semi final. Had they have had three or four weeks, e.g. for FA cup or FA trophy semi, I suspect they would have had time to have made more of the opportunity.

  • "(probably in China?)"........the most DevC comment of all time?

  • Kukri aren't interested in us and we've already taken the money. As @DevC says, whether that was a good deal or not depends on what we trousered in return. For similar reasons, it's why we're stuck with Greene King and their 10 branded barrels of the same old slop rather than some lovely Rebellion.

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