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  • Two year deal, first game against Celtic, great move for him. Very good luck Alex.

  • Blimey I didn’t think we’d see him leave as well! I know he gets a lot of slack for his lack of goals, I myself may have mentioned it on occasion but no one can ever fault the man for the gallant effort he has made for the team. One of the hardest working players I’ve seen and I wish him all the best, hoping this move works out for him!

  • Three spaces now then.

  • Good luck, indeed. Could not have asked for more from him. Top man.

  • Good luck Alex. You always gave 100% for Wycombe and Sincerely hope you do well in Scotland.

  • thanks for all your efforts Alex , top lad . go and smash it up in Scotland

  • Again, as with Scott, sorry to see him go. With limited first team opportunities though, it's probably best all round.

    All the very best to him, a good and much underrated player. Played a big part in our play off success, for which we'll always be very grateful.

  • Thanks Alex, a great battler for the cause and I'm sure he'll carry that into his new club.

  • The Highlands is a great place to live and Ross County has a lovely ground. Visited Dingwall three years ago when I was on holiday nearby.

    Good luck Alex the hardest worker I've ever seen in a Wycombe shirt.

  • Another player who always gave everything to the cause, never lacking in effort and energy. Wishing him all the best, I'm sure he'll be very successful for Ross County.

  • Hopefully God will continue to be a Wycombe fan and not switch allegiance to Ross County

  • All the best Alex, fantastic player for the club! Gave it his all!
    Be interesting to see what happens over the rest of today...

  • That's a bit facetious, I mean no offence.

    Alex should be proud of his Wycombe career. He contributed hugely to an unprecedented period of success.

    As did Scott Kashket. I hope they both do brilliantly at their new clubs

  • Alex may be the most misunderstood player in my time watching Wycombe. Always a massive pain in the arse for the opposition, technically skilful, great crosser, fantastic hold up play, just didn't score very many which was enough for the Facebook crowd to constantly berate him.

  • Very few players have worked as hard or done the job exactly as asked so willingly taking wacking after wacking and getting up with a smile on his face , hope he has joined a club where he is respected and thrives.

  • Spot-on @drcongo! Gook luck and all the best in your new club Alex. Thank you for giving so much for us.

  • Good luck to him and Scotty K. Of course Scotty will score the winner against us in October… I hope he scores many and that Alex has great success at Ross County.

  • @mooneyman said:
    The Highlands is a great place to live and Ross County has a lovely ground. Visited Dingwall three years ago when I was on holiday nearby.

    Good luck Alex the hardest worker I've ever seen in a Wycombe shirt.

    Just Googled it - it does indeed look a lovely place to live.

  • I liked Alex, though last season was a step too far I think. But at League One level he was good. A lot stronger than he looked and very selfless for the cause. Swapping the Chilterns for the Highlands is certainly an upgrade in hill-quality at least!

  • Yes Dingwell looks a lovely place but maybe and extra pair of socks and a thermal vest Alex.

  • Best of luck Alex, good luck and God bless but please take it easy against Celtic.

  • Ross are my Scottish team so while I'm sad to see him go, I can still be cheering him on, albeit from a distance.

    Thanks for all the great memories Alex. Always a Wycombe hero for his part in the play off team.

  • Good luck Alex and I hope that you score a Barrow load against Celtic

  • I had the genuine privilege of meeting Alex at a fixture release breakfast.
    A humble, charming, honest guy with a great back story relating to how he signed for us.
    Sad to see him go and demonstrates how I could never be a manager as I would have a squad of 50 never wanting to let any of these lovely human beings leave my club.

  • Alex. It has been a pleasure watching you play at WWFC. Wish you and your lovely lady my very best wishes for the future. God Bless. Regards

  • Good luck to both Scott and Alex. Absolute commitment to the cause during tough their stints. Have to remember both guys joined pre-Couhig when Gaz was counting pens to keep the club alive.

    Both huge parts of the promotions and success the last few years. Hope both go on to be hugely successful and score a hatful of goals.

  • Best of luck Alex. You've been a great servant for this club and I hope you do well for Ross County and your further future endeavours.

  • All the very best of luck Alex !!

    I always really liked Alex, and thought I'd be watching him later ! Great worker for the cause, I'm sure if he can add more goals in as well he can reach even higher.

    Now we'll see just how good Scottish football is !

  • One of the nice things about WW (and a real tribute to GA management) is that there is not a single player at the club whose departure would be welcomed on a human level. A few maybe yet to establish much of a impression either way and the comfortable majority a "ah that's a shame, thanks for efforts, good luck in future" feeling.

    Good times at moment. Never forget it will not always be like this.

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