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Man of the Match standings (5 / 46)

edited August 30 in Football

I am going to track the MOTM stats for the season, with updates every five games, and break it down into four categories:

  1. Total votes. This may be the most important stat, as a player could come second each week for the actual MOTM award, but still be the best overall.

  2. Votes per start. This is almost as important as total votes, as a player could play a few less games than the winner of the total votes, but have a higher average. Please note I will introduce a minimum start threshold at some point in the season, to avoid someone winning who had one stellar game but barely started besides that (Pendlebury would be a candidate for this if he does not force his way in).

  3. MOTM awards.

  4. Matches with at least 1 MOTM vote. I may drop this one, as it also favours those who gain more starts.

Here are the leaders after 5 games:

Total Votes (more than 5 votes):
1. Josh Scowen - 73
2. Garath McLeary - 50
3. Oliver Pendlebury - 30
4. David Stockdale - 26
5. Anthony Stewart - 14
6. Daryl Horgan - 11
7. Curtis Thompson - 10
8. Joe Jacobson - 9
9. Sam Vokes - 8

Votes per start:
1. Josh Scowen - 14.6
2. Garath McLeary - 12.5
3. Oliver Pendlebury - 10
4. David Stockdale - 5.2
5. Curtis Thompson - 5
(please note three subs have multiple votes without a start yet)

MOTM awards:
1. Josh Scowen - 2
2T - Garath McLeary - 1
2T - Oliver Pendlebury - 1
2T - Curtis Thompson - 1

Matches with at least 1 MOTM vote (max possible: 5):
1. Josh Scowen - 5
2T. David Stockdale - 4
2T. Joe Jacobson - 4

I don't think this is the best way to judge Player of the Season, as it does not favour steady, dependable presences and certain positions are at a disadvantage (difficult for Obita and Grimmer to garner votes, for instance), but should provide some good insight over the course of the season.

Back after 10 league matches!


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