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2 x tickets available - block 102

Hi - due to unforeseen circs (family matter) I have 2 adult tickets available for any wanderers fans (selling on behalf of family member who can't make it) It's block 102 close to half way line. Tickets have not yet arrived as only booked yesterday - should be delivered by Thursday - they are either category 2 (£48) or category 1 (£60) - details not known till they get delivered as I didn't order them. Ticketmaster are refusing to give refund so is there anyone out there (or do you know of anyone) who would be interested? Not looking to make money out of it - just would rather the tickets goes to one of our lot - happy to sell win a few quid off. I will be there so can pass ticket outside ground. Let me know if your interested. Many thanks.


  • If anyone wants these tickets they can have them at half the face value - £25 each. That or they unfortunately will go to waste

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