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What a shambles

It may well not be the clubs fault so I am not getting at the club management for this but what a shambles the ticket purchasing has become . Not able to book in certain blocks on -line , ticket available on the day and now maybe not and the biggest day in 21 years and the deadline is Wednesday with Southend having until Friday . If this does effect sales it could be detrimental both on the pitch with a smaller support and cost us financially with ticket sales . What a poor service this company is giving .


  • Ticketmaster are basically legalised touts, but seems they can't even rip people off efficiently.

  • Certainly not the club's fault, but the Football League's for making clubs sell tickets to their biggest game of the season thru a 3rd party.

  • And someone's coining £100k in booking fees.

  • Official complaints should be logged regarding ticketmaster we have had less than a week for people to get tickets! They are not cheap and people need time to sort this stuff!

  • I trust the club is urgently pushing the League and wembley on this. Surely it cannot make sense for anybody to close sales of tickets three days before the game for a match where the stadium will be at best half full. i understand logistical issues to post tickets out, but surely this cannot be beyond the whit of man to resolve - like every other year.

  • If southend can collect, then i do not understand the issue with us

  • Mourhino mode kicking in, 1st the one side Sky Sports (Plymouth Playoffs) commentary, 2nd Bookies and now Southend deadline is Friday and our online ticket deadline is Wednesday. Has Postal service logistical difficulties with HP12?

    Ticketmaster sort your out and fast.

  • It is pretty crap. Some people won't be aware of the restrictions.

  • Ticketmaster are out and out scumbags and conmen.

  • I would say the vast majority of people wont have a clue they have to buy by tomorrow! Surely the club can do something regarding thia with the fa, shambolic and leaves a very sour taste!

  • Message on Twitter from Andrew Howard tonight:
    @BeechdeanAH: @robwwfc @wwfcofficial we will do everything we can, and are allowed to do, to ensure fans get tickets. The club is doing everything it can

  • Fair play to the club, the fa have let us down! Ticket master hang your heads in shame!

  • Ticket bastards.

  • The club really need to get some announcement either way by lunchtime or people looking for tickets after this time will simply see they cant get them and wont look again!

  • Tickets now on sale until 5pm Friday. Any booked after noon today can be picked up on the day, at last!

  • hardly the clubs fault, shit ticketmaster who they obviously decided to go with instead of see tickets.

  • Who said it was the clubs fault ?

  • I do hope a formal complaint is made about Ticketmaster. They make a fortune from events like this and yet can't even do what should be a simple job properly. Hopefully this won't reflect badly on the club who seem to have been landed squarely in it. The big ticket agencies generally are scum, but you'd hope they could at least be efficient scum.

  • This highlights again with limited resources what a great team we have in our own ticket office.

  • Well said SurreyWanderer. They are fantastic.

  • Disgusting that £4.80 worth of fees are put on top of an already expensive ticket. The club had no choice, but the Football League did, fans put last as ever by the authorities

  • Ticketmaster and co have been getting away with this for years and will continue to do so unless artists and venues break away. And that would be very difficult for anyone other than the biggest.

    Although we can all agree they've not covered themselves in glory it's easy to forget the past when you'd have been queuing outside Adams Park in the rain for 3 hours on a Sunday morning.

    I second the comments about our ticket office. And at least the online site lets you select a specific seat.

  • From 'limited availability' in around half the blocks and 'good availability' in the remainder this morning, the Ticketmaster site now shows almost every block sold out. This surely cannot be right and looks like yet another balls up on their part.

  • Not sure what the problem is. booked on saturday for the block i wanted and they arrived this morning. it's at wembley in case no one noticed so wasn't surprised about the cost or fees. let's not moan about the tickets let's just get behind the team! COYB.

  • Unless they're now selling just one or two blocks at a time until they're full, then putting other blocks back on sale, and then repeating the process. Seems strange, though.

    Either way, I'm glad I've got my tickets - arrived today.

  • They are still only selling tickets in 2 blocks, both Category 2. Better than not having them on sale at all, of course, but not very helpful to any casual fans that don't want to splash out 50 quid for a ticket.

  • Absolutely bonkers @Doob. No tickets being sold in lower price categories. Madness.

  • Perhaps all the cheap tickets in the allocation have been sold already. Would make sense.

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