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I was looking at the Wanderers Wall Tiles and then looking at the faces in the cutouts mounted outside the ground today, and a chap said to me that he thought it would be a good idea to have some kind of memorial for fans that passed away due to covid. I don’t personally think it’s something for right now, as there are still so many cases daily etc - but certainly not a bad idea and something to consider in the future. What’s everyone else’s thoughts and what do you think would be a nice way to do it?


  • That is a head scratcher @username123 . As some will point out that we don’t have one for the fallen in two World wars as far as I know? When do the club/government decide that the pandemic actually decide it as over, given that we are told that apparently it will never go away and we’re going to have to live with it?

  • No harm in having some kind of reminder, the wanderers wall has nods to the fact we weren't in for a while and many fans contributed and paid on despite the gates being closed. I know of at least one chap who loved the club dearly and could never have imagined when the first game was postponed back in march last year that he had seen his last match.

  • A simple plaque at some stage could cover this without continually having to add names to a wall, plaque etc. Covid will be around for years.

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