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Park and ride

Just wondering who used the new park and ride at West Wycombe.

What was their experience of it all..couldn't see any coaches waiting at the gates after the whistle.

Will possibly look at using this if parking is getting more difficult every week.


  • I think @Morris_Ital had some comments on this on the game thread. I saw the buses when I left on the final whistle.

  • Hi sorry I’m late, yes I used the park and ride.
    No problem finding the site I just drove through West Wycombe and it was on the left. It was £5 to park up and the mini bus/coach was waiting to pick us up.
    Problems occurred when we got to Sands due to the traffic chaos caused by all those people trying to get into Hillbottom so most of us abandoned the coach and walked the rest of the way.
    At the end of the game the coach was waiting in the car park and the trip back was fine.

  • A point made elsewhere. ‘The Wasps Experience’. Much as we have derided the ‘egg chuckers’ occupation of our hallowed turf there may be lessons still to learn. They regularly dealt with sell out crowds at AP. How? Opening up all industrial estate car parks has been mentioned, how else did they cope?

  • I suspect that it's the insurance companies that are behind the increasing lack of access to parking on the industrial estate. Expensive new fencing and locked gates appearing everywhere. The premiums will be sky high.

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