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Does anyone know if the Arriva bus will be running from the station tonight?

Nothing on the official site as far as I can see.


  • Probably not as the game isn't for another week ;)

  • @ReturnToSenda. Good point well made

  • Well that is at one and the same time my most embarrassing and most personally useful post! I am very glad I found that out on here rather than by turning up tonight.

  • I was asked by a fan about park and ride service from the rail station for next Wednesday, so referred that to the club.

    Their response was:
    "With reference to your question regarding the Park and Ride. We are in the process of fine tuning the plans and whilst I do not feel the Station service will be in place for the Leicester friendly it will be in place for the start of the season. I am hopeful there will be a Park and Ride from West Wycombe for the Leicester game.
    We will be announcing more details shortly."

  • Look on the bright side @OakwoodExile it's better than asking the question a week Saturday, thinking the game will at 3pm that day!

  • Best thread ever

  • It is still a very relevant question if the bus moves slowly enough.

  • I'm prepared to take my well-deserved humiliation on the chin. I was genuinely convinced (obviously) that it was today and I have a 30 mile journey to AP involving two changes. Knowing that this is something that Eric will never forget is a small price to pay considering the alternative.

  • You're a good sport, @OakwoodExile!

  • You’re a true fan @OakwoodExile. Admirable.

  • All this having to remember what day to turn up on for games is going to take some getting used to.

  • I remember decades ago people saying things like β€œOh him, he doesn’t know what day of the week it is”. Doesn’t sound nearly as outrageous now.

  • For some reason I thought the game was Wed this week too, so I don't blame the opening poster!
    I've paid almost no attention to it though, firmly following @oilysailor's friendlies are "trash" sentimonies

    (updated as his actual phrase will probably get someone offended)

  • Must admit I'm not usually that bothered about friendlies but after a year out and working from home I just wanted to take the first opportunity to get in to see 22 highly.paid idiots kicking a pigs bladder about on a field again!

  • Have always loved pre season:
    Usually sunny with good pitches
    Trialist spotting
    Familiar faces in the crowd
    No agonising tension re the result
    Wednesday should be a joyous reunion imo

  • You almost convinced me @perfidious_albion that I should excuse myself from my prior engagement but I’m afraid that’s not an option. Have a great evening (and all the rest of you). I shall look forward to reading all the comments.

  • Will this thread be renamed on Wednesday?

  • @OakwoodExile Last season I emailed the Club complaining I hadn't got my iFollow code for tomorrow's game. Think it was Alan Cecil who politely replied informing me the game was over a week away and I should receive one nearer the time.

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