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Questionnaire for the coming season

With us perhaps entering a short lull before the final friendlies and then the season start, here are a few questions/prompts to answer, if anyone wants to. Obviously we do not have a complete squad, so this is based on who we have and what we know.

  1. JJ is clearly set to be the team captain with Blooms playing less. Who would you make "captain-in-waiting" out of the remaining squad? We have some great leadership, so lots of lads to choose from.

  2. Which match for this coming season do you have circled the most (besides the opener, for obvious reasons) and why?

  3. Make one unusual prediction for the coming season, about anything related to the club (except crisps).

  4. Again, we are missing vital information such as who will score many of our goals, but what is your gut feeling as to where we will finish as of right now? (Can be a range of places rather than specific).

  5. If we manage to earn promotion again, what two clubs would you choose to be promoted alongside us?

  6. If you could guarantee three current players will remain with us for the next three seasons at least, who would they be?


    1. Grimmer/Stewart
    2. Sunderland away because hopefully I'll finally get my arse up there
    3. Pete Couhig will shave his beard off
    4. Top 6, possibly top 2 with the right business
    5. Accrington and Burton
    6. Stewart, Thompson, Wheeler (but I think there'd be quite a lot more than three, assuming Gaz and Dobbo stayed!)
  • 1) Thommo or Stewart
    2) Ipswich away, because as hopefully I’ll be there.
    3) we’ll be mid-table in October
    4) 8th-10th
    6) Thommo, Wheels and Stewart.

    1. Scowen
    2. Accrington away - doing the 92 with my son and four seasons in a row we've been unable to go.
    3. Announcement that Home terrace will be re-built. Two tiers, bottom tier safe standing and top seats.
    4. 6th
    5. Rotherham, Portsmouth
    6. Stewart, Grimmer, Scowen
  • 1) Stewart
    2) Oxford away
    3) New access road out of ground funded by the Council
    4) 7th or 8th
    5) Cheltenham and Burton
    6) Stewart, Scowen and Thommo

  • 1) Gape when fit

    2) Cambridge @ home. First time in a long time (since 2018?) that we've had a home game on Boxing Day

    3) Ainsworth won't be manager by the end of the season

    4) 5th

    5) Sheffield Wednesday and Portsmouth

    6) Mehmeti, Stewart and Thompson

    1. Gape (he's already a General, isn't he?), then Stewart or Tafazolli
    2. Cheltenham away
    3. A fan wins the Euromillions and finances Uche's return in January
    4. 8th
    5. Doncaster and Sheff Wednesday
    6. Stewart, Thompson, Mehmeti
    1. Anthony Stewart
    2. Sheffield Wednesday Away because I would like to go to the majestic Hillsborough Stadium
    3. David Wheeler goes out on loan in January after struggling for gametime in a 3-4-1-2 formation
    4. Anywhere between 6th to 9th
    5. Ipswich Town and Wigan Athletic
    6. Anthony Stewart, Ryan Tafazolli and Josh Scowen
  • edited July 13
    1. Scowen
    2. Cheltenham away - like the area
    3. Dev makes a visit to Adams Park
    4. 6th
    5. Cheltenham and Sheffield Wednesday
    6. Scowen, Grimmer and Mehmeti
  • Anyone loan me a map?......

  • 1 Stewart
    2 Doncaster away (10 minutes away)
    3 The Couhigs take 100% control
    4 14th (actually the height of optimism for me)
    5 Doncaster and Rotherham
    6 Stewart, Thompson & Wheeler

  • 1) I’d like to see Stocko get the armband if JJ happens to miss a game, of the younger players though it would be Stewart.

    2) Cheltenham away, it’s the closest away day to me.

    3) Not that unusual but perhaps not who people expect.. Garath McCleary to be our player of the season.

    4) Top 6.

    5) Can’t say I’m really fussed.

    6) Mehmeti, Thompson, Stewart.

  • 1) Stockdale
    2) Sunderland home (should be feisty)
    3) Unbeaten at fortress Adams Park
    4) Not sure of position but play-offs
    5) Anyone but Sunderland, Ipswich or Portsmouth
    6) Stewart, McCarthy, Wheeler

    1. Stewart
    2. Oxford home
    3. FA Cup run quarter final,
    4. Mid table
    5. Wednesday, Cheltenham
    6. Mehmeti, Stocko, Thompson
  • 1) Stockdale is a good shout but I'd quite like to see Tafazolli get the armband.

    2) Wimbledon away, will be nice to see the new stadium. I also al enjoy an away day in Cambridge, the Fitzwilliam museum is fantastic.

    3) We reach at least the quarter finals of either the FA or League cups

    4) it really does depend on a) signing an Uche replacement and b) sticking to the wingback formation. I'm prepared to be disappointed in at least one of these so don't think we'll finish higher than 12th

    5) Wimbledon and Charlton for purely selfish reasons of living in London

    6) Samuel, McCarthy and Gape

    1. Stewart, just because I'd love to see him kick on to yet another level and progress, fabulous person and player
    2. Bolton away is an obvious one so we can pat ourselves on the back about progress, another possibly Cheltenham away as it's just a really nice place
    3. We break our record transfer fee, or it's undisclosed, there's various mutterings, we never find out, player does ok, leaves on a free at end of contract
    4. Do well in patches , maybe end in playoffs, just
    5. Smaller clubs the better for competition and sheer laughs at the big boys failing again
    6. Not Mehmeti, only because I'd love to see if he could go higher, Stewart, Scowen, Thompson, or several others, all good lads
  • On the Tafazolli point, so would I @aloysius. Big Tel Mk 2 in the making.

    1. Stewart
    2. Plymouth away ( mate has a house just across the border In Cornwall)
    3. Saudi oligarch offers Rob 100 million for club
    4. Top half
    5. Accrington and Cheltenham
    6. Stewart, Mehmeti, Grimmer or McCarthy (happy with either)
    1. Bloomers is still a registered player so JJ will not be team captain this season. Matchdays he's likely to take the armband if Bloomers is not on the pitch.

    2. Wimbledon for a Tommy Tick Off.

    3. He's coming home, he's coming home. Jordan Ibe returns.

    4. 6th-8th

    5. Portsmouth & Oxford.

    6. Stockdale, Stewart, Scowen

  • @wwfcblue - gotcha. I thought we were going to revert to the days when Bloomers was club captain and others were team captain.

    I would rephrase it for you as "who would you make third in line after JJ" then.

  • 1) Stewart or Tafazolli - for me it seems natural for team captain to be a centre back
    2) AFC Wimbledon away - a chance to see the new stadium and win 3 pts
    3) We're going to re-instate the 16ft slope from touchline to touchline missing since the move from Loakes Park
    4) Anywhere outside the bottom 4, depends on the quality of the incoming players
    5) Ipswich and Sunderland so we can beat them in the Championship
    6) Mehmeti, Tafazolli, Trialist CF (who becomes our 20 goal a year man for 3 consecutive seasons)

  • edited July 14

    1.Gareth has clearly seen Gape as being in the generals, so he must be in the reckoning, but with Scowen coming in, I wonder if he'll actually be that regular a starter?
    Not sure on Stewart, despite his longevity, so possibly Tafazolli.

    1. An odd one, but Cheltenham away. Simply for the prospect of my exiled pal being able to come to an away for once.

    3.Gaining widespread praise for playing style.

    1. Without any other signings, 8th at maximum. With a strong striker signing, playoffs.

    2. Anyone bar Sunderland to be honest.

    6.Toughest of the questions. On being a legend of a bloke JJ, but pretty unlikely he'll last 3 more seasons. Same thing with Bayo who is certainly into his last season.

    Not sure anyone else comes close on that scale.
    Maybe if Mehmeti takes another big leap in development, him.

    Otherwise, anyone who is still here in 3 years has clearly done well and earnt their corn, so I suppose answering by saying anyone!

  • 1 Stewart
    2 Wigan away, my local fixture
    3 New manager by the start of 2022/23 season
    4 Genuinely no idea. Hopefully top six.
    5 Purely geographically, Wigan and Bolton.
    6 McCarthy, Horgan, Scowen

    1. Tafazolli - could be the rock for years to come🀞

    2. Ipswich away - the Wednesday between Christmas and New Year, could be lively.

    3. I predict that we concede fewer goals than any other team league 1 this season.

    4. Play offs

    5. Bolton and Rotherham

    6. Any 3 from the development squad would be a big success.

  • PBoPBo
    edited July 14
    1. captain-in-waiting:

    Tricky one. I like Wheeler a lot, seems very level headed and could be a good leader, but he isn't a guaranteed starter. Several have mentioned Tafazolli, I like defenders being captains, and he certainly is vocal, so maybe him...but his injury record isn't great. See also Gape.

    1. Which match for this coming season do you have circled the most

    I can't pretend I find the fixture list that inspiring this season, but it's fine, I'm looking forward to hopefully winning a few more games.

    I guess I haven't decided yet on away games, but for socially unacceptable "Tommy Tickov" reasons probably Ipswich (A) is the most realistic new ground (to me), followed by Doncaster. But obviously no-one should ever be looking to "do the 92" until Franchise go bust/disappear from the Football League.

    3.Make one unusual prediction for the coming season

    It's not really a prediction, more of a hope. I felt that towards the end of last season, we were playing more football, less hoof (because Uche wasn't that suited to hoofball anyway) and also less reliant on "the dark arts". So I would like to see more of that, and less "you know what you'll get with Wycombe". But fuck it, if we find a monster undiscovered targetman battering ram then so be it. I don't care if we play hoofball as long as it's effective, and not the Peter Taylor 1-0 grindball variety.

    1. what is your gut feeling as to where we will finish as of right now?

    Too hard. We have a ton of quality in the squad, but we clearly need a goalscorer - Beast can still be valuable but can't be Option A. As things stand - best case: playoffs, worst case: lower mid table (but safe lower mid table).

    1. what two clubs would you choose to be promoted alongside us?

    I like Burton Albion, they seem to be a small unpretentious club going against the odds, so good on them.

    Same for Morecambe. Plus I had a classic comedy away weekend there once (this was the designated "Celtic Away Day" because Neil Lennon was playing) so they are fondly remembered.

    6.If you could guarantee three current players will remain with us for the next three seasons at least, who would they be?

    This is pretty arbitrary, and we all know that if we get the right offer, people will leave. But.
    Let's go with Mehmeti, Thompson and Grimmer.

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