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Darius returns to Dons

Darius Charles has re-signed for Wimbledon. Be great to see him play for a few more years - but hope he doesn't come back to haunt us next season.


  • If he wants to play on good luck to him. His appearance numbers could never tell the full story of what he's been through and also contributed. Well done big man.

  • I love Darius, it’ll be very strange playing against him next season. Future Wycombe manager IMO.

  • Looks like he is going there mainly as a pastoral father figure /coaching role and only playing in emergencies. He is a long standing mate of the manager.
    Feels very similar to the role I’d expect Matt Bloomfield to play with us.

  • Great to see he's got a job as it must be exceptionally easy to fall into a no man's land unemployment black hole.

    Watching that video though, it seems to suggest he's a back up player, more in there for his influence and mentoring skills.

  • Cannot think of many better mentors to have for a young player. A genuinely inspiring man.

  • Every time this man speaks it is inspiring. What a legend!

  • Good news. Good luck to Darius and he leaves us with good memories I have no doubt.

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