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Lots of furious people

The bottom half of the draw ha opened up.

Lota if Valley emd haters crying into their beer


  • whingers anonymous

  • little englanders crying into their pints. unlucky lads

  • 'no intention to score could be the motto for years to come @drcongo

  • utterly ridiculous

  • Germany are indeed lucky. Equalizer five minutes from time, and now avoiding all the top teams! The top half will be a blood bath.

  • its all on for England Sev/ according to my model. get on in vegas or corolard wherever you can get on


  • holland also worth a bit with spain not winning group

  • th winners of Germany v Englland have a great chance. high stakes gsme

  • Think you may have overtaken @Malone @LX1 in the first past the post most post stakes. Or should that be pist the pots ?

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