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Leicester friendly announced

edited June 8 in Football

If they could drop off Admiral and Josh while they're here, that'd be lovely.


  • We're going to extend Admiral by a year rather than letting him sign for you on a free. But have a friendly as a consolation.

  • I hope so. Would love to see Admiral get a full season, he got better every game.

  • Clearly have a good relationship with Leicester. Who knows we still may have a change to get Josh and Admiral or perhaps one or two other Leicester youngsters on loan.

  • There are certainly worse clubs to build a relationship with! Leicester have shown themselves very astute (generally) at identifying talent.

  • I notice Brendan Rodgers' son played in the WWFC vs Soccer AM game. Was at Chelsea when Brendan was there so must have some sort of link.

  • mmm Anton Rogers? Has a bit of a murky past.

  • Let no-one ever again say β€œpre-season friendlies are gash”. This is absolutely top-drawer for so many reasons.

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