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  • Bit of a stretch, I would have thought @Malone to put that connotation on the context of my posts. Not the first time you have stepped in as a kindly mediator and your intentions are always good. I’m going through a difficult time healthwise and I’m probably more than usually tetchy!

    Let’s look forward to a century stand for the last wicket and some inspired bowling by the geriatrics followed by a thumping win at Wembley!

  • I was privileged to be one of the 18,000 at Edgbaston yesterday but as Joe Root persevered with his ineffective spin I was very glad to be in the company of people I’d not seen in person since last September.

    Possibly the dullest day of Test Cricket I’ve ever watched but very effective stuff from NZ.

  • @Malone said:

    @micra said:
    Any suggestion or inference that I have the kind of psychiatric disorder that your question implied is definitely a big deal to me and not something to be shrugged off as inconsequential.

    Easy my oldest son.
    Often when people tell a story about a "mate", of an embarrassing or comedy nature, it's actually their way of covering that it was actually their own experience.

    That's all the biggest boy RITM means. No offence meant I'm sure.

    Thank you. Exactly what I meant. And of course no offence meant.
    I'll disappear again for a while as it's been a horrible day for sport and it seems to me I'm not the only one struggling with life.

  • @micra said:
    I’m going through a difficult time healthwise and I’m probably more than usually tetchy!

    Are you okay? Not being nosey for details, just hoping nothing serious.

  • @micra and @Right_in_the_Middle I wish you both well, take it easy, and come back fresh soon.

  • edited June 2021

    Indeed. I hope everyone is on good enough form to enjoy today, whatever it may hold.

  • Thanks guys for the good wishes. I am in the same situation as one of our favourite beekeeping co-commentators and having to make an exceedingly difficult decision about alternative continuing treatments. In good hands though and planning to stay around for at least one more season. Next season in the Championship would be a real bonus!

    Meanwhile, let’s hope England bring it home. The re-run of the 2018 World Cup semi-final this afternoon (crikey, is that the time) will no doubt throw up a few pointers.

  • Sending all my best wishes @micra .

  • Cheers @Wendoverman. Much appreciated.

  • Hope everything goes as well as possible @micra

  • Thanks for that @Chris.

  • All the best @micra

    Hope the England boys have you a lift today

  • You know where I am @micra should you or Mrs Micra need anything. All the best.

  • Thanks @eric_plant.

    All’s well that ends well and first winning start ever in the Euros apparently. Some very impressive and personable youngsters coming through. Looking forward to the rest of the competition.

  • Cheers Chalks - much appreciated.

  • No problem amigo. End of this month I should be pretty free most days if I can help with anything.

  • I appreciate that @EwanHoosaami. Nothing much has changed physically. I’ll give you a bell re the difficult treatment decisions.

  • @micra Really sorry to hear that. Chin up, Old Chap, and all the best with those big decisions.

  • Fought it off 15 years ago @our_frank so have been extremely lucky to have lasted this long. Treatments have improved in the meantime and NICE have recently given the go-ahead for a new drug. It’s an alternative to chemo but my understanding is that, if it doesn’t prove effective, chemo is no longer an option. 15 years ago I had radiotherapy and three monthly (female!) hormone injections. I had a hormone injection ten days ago so I’m not under too much pressure to make a decision. The Covid situation is a factor as I have a feeling that chemo treatment might be disrupted if there was another major outbreak.

    I decided to give a bit of background on here as I know a few people have a genuine and kindly interest and perhaps would welcome a bit more clarity about my situation. However, I have once again derailed a thread and I have said enough now. I feel pretty well in myself (strange expression) and am out and about a fair bit, mowing, shopping, cooking etc and, more recently, sampling lunch at local hostelries with friends. We are part of a group of a dozen or so oldies who (pre-pandemic) met for lunch once a month at the Earl Howe. They stopped doing food last year so we are looking for a new venue. Four of us will be sampling the Red Lion at Penn on Wednesday!

  • @micra .. The Old Oak just up past the pond from Earl Howe do food every day and has been getting a lot of good reviews

  • All the very best @micra

  • Best wishes @micra

  • So sorry to hear this @micra, sending you the very best of wishes.

  • Best of luck @micra. Fingers crossed on the new drug!

  • @micra Sorry to hear you've got to make such a difficult decision, particularly on top of your AFib problem. I'm sure you will come to the right decision with Mrs Micra's help.

  • @micra all the very best from me

  • @MorrisItal_ said:
    @micra all the very best from me

    And me. Very best wishes to you @micra

  • Hope it goes well @micra. Good luck

  • All the best Micra, I hope it goes well.

  • Just reading this thread, normally try to avoid the cricket, just wanted to add my best wishes @micra

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