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Marcus Maddison

Just seen that Marcus Maddison has signed for Spalding United in the Northern Premier League. Wasn't 2 years back he was regarded as the best player in League 1. He's been at Hull and Charlton since leaving Posh. Some kind of attitude issue?


  • Not sure if it was mental health issue rather than attitude, or simply a loss of enjoyment.

  • A hell of a wasted talent.

  • Malone is correct, he has suffered with mental health issues recently. He does come across as a rather unlikable individual but I guess none of us will really understand what someone else is going through just based on what we see from afar.

  • That's really sad if so. Billy Kee's story was very sad, though with a happy ending as he seems happier now than he ever did as a professional player.

  • Very sad. Hope he comes out the other side and gets the love and support he needs. As above you don’t know what part of his challenges made up his on field personality.

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