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  • Loving the person in the comments who thinks we're building a new stadium there

  • We are, it's all a smoke screen!!

  • @mooneyman said:
    We are, it's all a smoke screen!!

    And the smoke has a carroty hue

  • Can hardly call that an "article". However, I'm confused by the temporal shifts...

    The club will continue to use the current training ground in the short term

    OK, so carrying on where we are for a short amount of time.

    He said: β€œI have just met with the guys who have the present training ground and they have agreed to a long-term commitment.

    But now we've agreed some kind of long-term commitment to it?

  • Hang on, if Rob spoke about it on the last RTB then it's been in the public domain for the best part of two weeks. And the BFP only ran the story today?

  • The intern has been off ill.

  • 7th May that episode came out. Impressive.

  • We've got a long term commitment to the short term...seems simple enough to me.

  • I tried in vain to read the BFP article but gave up after completing a strange survey, agreeing to cookies etc. Pop ups galore. Completely inaccessible.

    So what’s occurring, guys?

  • @drcongo said:
    The intern has been off ill.

    Not so much intern as work experience and he’s been arsey since he didn’t get the week at the bowling alley.

  • There is a large field next to the running track used by The Phoenix Harriers.
    It is clearly large enough for a training ground and not near any houses. Look it up on Google map. It would seem to be an ideal place depending on who actually owns the land and exactly what is proposed. If it shares the same access as the running track that should be no problem as they will be in use at different times

  • There's large fields either side of the track in fairness.

    You'd simply just build a new entrance I'd have thought. The track is all gated and fenced up, so you wouldn't want, or need to combine the two for security and unnecessary mixing of two private set-ups.

    More surprised that the land isn't greenbelt along there. But if they can whop a track in there, why not a football training ground.

    Little Marlow has a huge Star Wars filming project on at the moment for goodness sake, so it's funny how when money is about the "rules" can get bent, and solutions found.

  • I believe Andor planning rules...even under auspices of The Empire...are quite relaxed.

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