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Messages for the team

As we're unable to clap the players off the pitch, I thought maybe a thread of messages to the team and backroom staff might be a nice idea. Perhaps even @AlanCecil or someone could pass some highlights on. I'll start...

I didn't think it was possible to enjoy a relegation season as much as this. I was endlessly blown away by the effort and spirit of everyone involved - this is truly the best Wycombe side of all time, both on and off the pitch.



  • (also please sign Muskwe and Adeniran on long term deals)

  • A remarkable run in. Proud of the whole club. Can’t wait to be back at AP. Let’s take this momentum into the nee season.

  • Great idea @drcongo. For me:

    This team has been so successful lately, and taken us on an incredible journey. However, if anyone asked me why I am proud of this team and this manager, I would not even mention wins. I would talk about the team unity, the positivity under duress, the smiles on faces even when beaten down by bad results and bad luck. This season has shown poise and grace in the face of disappointment. Anyone can "sing when they're winning" and smile when things are going well, but we sing in foul weather as well as fair, and smile at the darkness.

  • What an extraordinary season you’ve given us. I can’t imagine there’s a prouder fanbase of a relegated team. Thank you.

  • Repeating from the other thread:

    All we wanted this season was a good hit at it, players working hard and hopefully not getting stuffed every week. The boys have been brilliant, the management team to be congratulated for keeping spirit and focus in the right place as much as results.
    Roll on Pre-season. In person. Season ticket renewed. Not demanding going back up or pissing the league. Few contract extensions and signings and a big old effort as we do and we'll make an impact next season.

    P.s. Fkn love this club, the gaffer, the terrace and all that goes with it. A Shrewsbury fan emailed me minutes after we went up to say we'd get hammered every week. I replied a few months ago after they sacked their manager for getting beat every week at a much lower level. We remember fans of Plymouth, Notts County, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Oxford and various others mocking us and outspending us and then underachieving. We've done brilliantly, no question of that.

    Enjoy the summer lads, lots to do going forward.

  • Very, very proud of the boys. With a bit more luck we would stay up for sure. You won't ever see a Wycombe team give less than their all. Can't wait to show my appreciation in the flesh next year. Thanks for all your efforts and giving us something to look forward to at the weekends, when at times there wasn't much else!

  • @drcongo said:
    (also please sign Muskwe and Adeniran on long term deals)

    Also, seconded

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    @drcongo said:
    (also please sign Muskwe and Adeniran on long term deals)

    I think extending Mehmeti's contract is even more important.

  • @mooneyman said:

    @drcongo said:
    (also please sign Muskwe and Adeniran on long term deals)

    I think extending Mehmeti's contract is even more important.

    Also welcome. Muskwe really has come on in the last few games. McCleary excellent today too amongst the collective performance.

  • A season to be so proud of on so many levels. Team spirit, the learning that has taken place and the ethos of the club that Rob and family have understood and placed front and centre of their development plans. Never been happier to be a Chairboy. Although signing Admiral, Anis and Dennis will top it all. Thank you to everyone at the club for this year and what I think will be a very special next one. Finally, if that was indeed Mr Wycombe’s last game, Matt, please stay involved with us.

  • Have never thought it possible to be sat smiling on a day of relegation. Took the batterings and refereeing misfortunes and evolved into something truly remarkable. The last couple of months have been extraordinary and the style of football has got better and better.

    Hats well and truly off to each and every member of the squad and management team.

    Roll on August!

  • To not finish bottom and to be so close to staying up is an amazing achievement given the size of our budget

    Best team we have ever had?

  • Thank you, thank you to every single one of the players who have graced the Wycombe shirt this season. I am so proud to support such a club, with such an assembly of heroes on the pitch.

    Please when you reflect on the season, think on what you have achieved - a reputation for teamwork and forward thinking, a reputation for perseverance and for imagination, a reputation for never giving up and that is aside from the club's highest ever position at the same time as an FA Cup run which I believe rates in the all time top 3.

    Under-rated and under valued by some, dismissed by others, you have given me and I am sure many many other fans moments of sheer joy in what has been a dismal year for many people. My only regret this season is that I wasn't able to be at games to support you.

    Television is a one way medium, but I clapped you off the field at Cardiff and I clapped you off the field today at Middlesbrough.

    Today Gareth Ainsworth used the words "We will be back" in the last post match interview of the season. I am sure those words resonate with many many Wycombe fans who are looking forward to being back in the ground to sing, cheer, clap and support you. I am also sure that we would want to see as many of you there as can possibly be.

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    I will probably break the record for thumbs down, but in my opinion Gareth has now overtaken MO'N as our best ever manager

  • Something to be really proud of despite the outcome. Excellent new signings and loanees.
    Knight, Muskie and Adeniran have been real good additions. Mehmeti the find of the season. Then the permanent signings of Ikpeazu, Tafazolli, McCarthy, McCleary, Horgan, Obita all improving the squad. Finally the emergence of David Stockdale as the fantastic keeper we all knew he was.
    Add to that the excellent performances of JJ, Fred, Stewart, Tomo, Dom Gape, Grimmer, Wheeler and Allsop, then the future looks really bright.
    The management team of Gareth and Dobbo have performed wonders and the support of Bayo, Blooms and Darius as been outstanding.
    Pete Couhig and Matt Cecil have done some fantastic work to keep everything moving forward in these very difficult times.
    Well done one and all and let’s hope we can all be back at AP next season to see the Mighty Wycombe Wanderers promoted to the Championship for the second time in our history. COME ON YOU BLUES!!!!!!!

  • While we may not have been there in person, except for those 2 games in Nov/Dec, we've been with you in spirit all season sharing in the highs and lows. So thank you for giving everything in pursuit of Championship survival, we couldn't have asked for more and you've done us proud. The team spirit and positive attitude you've shown is credit to you all. What you have achieved should be recognised and celebrated - our highest ever league finish.
    Can't wait for next season, which I think I'm more excited about than I was for this.

    Special mentions for Bayo & Blooms, "If we're not to see you play in the famous quarters again, thanks for everything you've done for the club. You'll always be welcome in any capacity."

  • Such a shame that we weren't able to be on Teeside in large numbers to give the lads a big send-off after showing such unbelievable character this season. A great win to cap off a turbulent season that would have seen many teams with better players on paper wilt. I can think of very few occasions at the end of a season that I have looked forward to a new season more than right now, certainly not following on from a relegation.
    To a man the lads should take pride and heart from how their togetherness made them something far greater than the sum of their parts. Hopefully those on loan who are out of contract like what they've seen and sign on to see what this team can achieve in League 1.
    When we're allowed back in Adams Park in large numbers, no doubt we'll give you the reception your efforts this season deserve. Hopefully that day will be sooner rather than later.

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    Thanks to everyone - absolute superstars the lot of you. It's been a pleasure to watch you give it your absolute all in this club's first crack at the the Championship - and it'll be even more of a pleasure to watch you make it back there next season. Let's go and win the league! UTW πŸ’™

  • The club has been around for well over a century, and a single season is just a chapter in a story or a stage on a much longer journey - albeit some seasons can have greater significance than others. All you can ask is that those in charge of the club play the hand they've been dealt well - in the short-term with results on the pitch, and in the medium term with the structure and good health of the club.

    Bearing that in mind, although the chapter has finished 'badly', I think the season has been hugely positive on both fronts. To have come within one result of staying up is great credit to all involved, especially after the difficult start - and finishing strongly, rather than starting well and fading, leaves us with some momentum and optimism to carry into next season. I'm sure there will be comings and goings over the summer - there always is - but the quality and depth in the squad, even compared with a year ago, seems much stronger than I can remember. Over the years Gareth has been able to rebuild teams as important players have moved on upwards, come to the end of their careers, or returned to their parent clubs - the ability to draw players back for multiple spells at AP is a huge plus, as is the ability to bring in players that are not self-centered, and are team players.

    Next season, with Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Bolton (almost certainly), Ipswich and at least two of Sunderland, Portsmouth, Charlton, Oxford, Lincoln, is going to be very competitive - bring it on

  • @drcongo said:
    As we're unable to clap the players off the pitch, I thought maybe a thread of messages to the team and backroom staff might be a nice idea. Perhaps even @AlanCecil or someone could pass some highlights on. I'll start...

    I didn't think it was possible to enjoy a relegation season as much as this. I was endlessly blown away by the effort and spirit of everyone involved - this is truly the best Wycombe side of all time, both on and off the pitch.

    Happy to pass these messages on - though I suspect that someone within the club does quietly follow the Gasroom, even if they don't admit it!

  • Thank you Gareth, Dobbo and all the players for an incredible season. I have never been prouder of a Wycombe Wanderers team. You are involved, absolutely for certain given the form in the last couple of months, in the best team this club has ever produced in almost 140 years of history. Keep focussed and next season could well be extraordinarily special.

    I’ve watched every minute of all 49 games this season. From the start where we had awful luck with injuries, decisions and real trouble adapting, I was so proud of everyone when we started to really compete in games. Not look so open and starting to create chances ourselves. Throughout we’ve competed fantastically, and since Christmas (barring the Covid break and few weeks subsequently where we looked to be really feeling the effects of that outbreak physically - I would point to Thompson and McCleary amongst others, who I would bet good money had Covid as their energy levels fell off a cliff) we have looked a decent Championship side at times. And in the last couple of months, with the shift in formation particularly, we now look a solid mid-table Championship side at worst. Given the finances, that is, again, just extraordinary.

    Enjoy your Summer break all. Your efforts have been hugely appreciated despite fans not being able to show this in person. We all cannot wait for League 1 next season and to continue this amazing journey together. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • @mooneyman said:
    I will probably break the record for thumbs down, but in my opinion Gareth has now overtaken MO'N as our best ever manager

    I was thinking the same thing yesterday

  • So so proud, and a little bit emotional today. I cannot put into words how much I f**king love his club ! How lucky we all are to support this wonderful, special club.

  • It is so hard to single anyone out so all I can say is I am incredibly proud of the team and the club. Thanks for taking us to the last day of the season with hope still there. I look forward to being back in my seat to applaud everyone onto the pitch next season as we work our way back to the Championship.

  • Just immensely proud of all the players and management on what they have achieved this season. Pretty sure we won’t be relegation favourites next year !!!! We will be back.

  • Today was the absolute peak in a run of fine performances over the past couple of months. I feel proud and privileged to be associated with a very special football club - one that never stops giving ! I agree with all the complimentary comments which people have been making and I look forward to what promises to be an exciting journey next season. A return journey, we hope.

  • Wycombe won promotion last year on merit, and each and every player to pull on a Wycombe shirt this season is a Championship player on merit. You’ve done massive things this season, and to come within one point of staying up is a huge achievement. If the season was a few weeks longer Wycombe would undoubtedly be a Championship club again next time round. The way you have played your hearts out and never let your heads drop has been immense.

    The only disappointment this season is that fans didn’t get to see your performances in person, and to celebrate the way you ended the season. We are all so proud of the way you played. And never forget that along the way you beat Bournemouth who might well be a Premier League club next season, you beat former Premier League winners Blackburn, and today you utterly outplayed Middlesbrough. None of this would have been conceivable to most Wycombe fans even two years ago, let alone thirty years ago when we were in the Conference.

    To those players who we won’t get to see play for Wycombe again, I’m sorry we haven’t had the chance to give you the applause you deserve. Leave knowing we wish you the best, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the joy you have given us during a difficult year.

    To those of you here next season, we’ll see you at Adams Park. Keep playing like you did today and we’ll have plenty to celebrate again this time next year.

  • Great idea @drcongo

    To the team, I would say this - I can't add to what's already been said about how you've played this season, but you deserve all the plaudits you are getting.

    I would, however, add this - this has been a really bad couple of years for a lot of people but you've given us something to take joy in, something to be proud of and something to look forward to. We can't thank you enough, and you should be very very proud of yourselves.

    See you next season, in person.

  • Just to say how proud and how optimistic I am. And I cannot wait to be back at Adams Park to cheer on this frankly incredible team. COYB!

  • In any job team spirit is essential in order to produce far more than what is expected. To this end from top to bottom Wycombe Wanderers have proven this to be true. So thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone involved with the Club. I am so looking forward to trying to shout Wycombe onto their next promotion from behind the goal with my fellow supporters as old as I am. Together we can do it. Chairboys Barmy Army!

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