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Season ticket renew issue in Origins Family stand



  • @bigred87 said:
    Just under £500 for renewal in the Frank Adams..... steep

    Will be good value when we stay up due to Derby's shenanigans.

  • We'll either be pushing for promotion in league 1 or holding our own in the championship.... couldn't think of a better way to spend it!

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  • Totally agree @bigred87.

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  • Just renewed a couple of season tickets in the Frank Adams. Thought whole process very good with welcome assistance from Peter who called me back after hours to assist; with his beloved Arsenal game to look forward too :) ...not the Pete btw! Every underdog has its day so hope Peter is smiling today!

  • The subscription service is great too and I hope encourages more to sign up, spreading the costs across 12 months & helping budget for the higher prices. I was down at the ground as part of a business group in the Autumn and the improvements sound wifi, ordering food from app click and collect at half time etc . Sorry if affected some long term ticket holders, but any institution if it is to modernise and improve, is also going to have to balance that with upsetting some unfortunately. Imagine the local 'upset' if ever a second route to the stadium is approved round the Dashwood Estate.

  • Also took time to listen to the hour plus podcast from Pete C that he made a month or so ago. Urge everyone to take time to listen sometime over the summer as it really does show the deep of intelligence in business matters we have at the club now as well as his excitement and enthusiasm that is evident from his pitch side support.

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