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On this day seven years ago

26th April 2014 - Wycombe lost 2-1 at home to Bristol Rovers in what was, and remains, the lowest point of my 40+ years as a Blues fan. Incredible how far we've come since.

The feeling leaving Adams Park that day, having witnessed Gas fans celebrating on our pitch, certain we were heading out of the league and potentially out of existence. A week later and one of the greatest weekends of my life. Onward and upward ever since. Even this year's relegation comes heavily tinged with optimism for the future.


  • That last point is interesting really. The end of the season has transformed the feeling of relegation. It does feel that the season isn’t a ‘lost’ one but a valuable learning curve and development of the squad for next season.

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  • Seven years? Bloody hell! Time flies! That was the game where Harrold and Pierre had to have their heads cellotaped up after a clash (in the ground not at Tesco) and Gareth was hopping mad it took so long wasn't it? My first season back as an ST holder and my seat was amongst people whose attitude had been grim and funereal from the first day of the season! I decided to get another ST and changed seats and look where we are now...! :wink:

  • I sit in the FA towards the away end and after the final whistle many Rovers fans invaded the pitch and approached us laughing, hooting, gesticulating and celebrating our apparent relegation.
    I took particular interest in their subsequent relegation and actually posted on their fans forum.

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  • Contrast their behaviour and demeanour to that of Torquay a week later who conducted themselves with dignity and humility despite their own relegation whilst we celebrated our survival. I have had a soft spot for Torquay ever since and I hope they are promoted this season.

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  • Going further back to my dislike of Bristol Rovers, back in 1982 when we visited Eastville for the FA cup tie, I remember the arrogance of some of there supporters in their clubhouse, asking if we played on a park pitch ? do you have floodlights etc.
    I also hope Torquay get promoted, for the way we were received and treated on the day of the miracle 7 years ago.
    Plus I resent teams that get promoted using the advantage of a plastic pitch, and bar the Trophy semi final win, I have very few happy memories of Gander Green lane.

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  • I have always preferred Torquay to the other two Devon sides and have seen a few games there over the years - both WW and others. After their relegation they went very close to going out of business altogether. They remain somewhat perilous with their owner having a history of developing stadia and forgetting to build the promised replacement - Eastville being an example. Their resurgence though has been good to see and I too wish them well.

  • Torquay and Leicester are two clubs I'll always have a soft spot for due to the way their fans behaved towards after we'd won huge games there. Marked contrast to Bristol Rovers.

  • Can still remember wandering down Hillbottom Road after the game trying to be positive about some of the grounds we'd be going to in the Conference, and thinking there was no point at all going to Torquay.

    But a day or two later, started thinking Torquay was still a must do whatever happened, be it our last day in the league, or the unthinkable, and near miraculous recovery.

  • Horrible game that, and be under no doubt Ainsworth took loads of stick from the terrace, initially for appearing to take a while to come over, and then all the worst venting from some people who should now be pretty embarrassed. It's not as if Waddock left a great team behind.
    To say the atmosphere in the Vere after the game was funerial is doing funerals a disservice, they often celebrate the life passed and include shows of affection for those left behind. I'm being overly flippant of course but there certainly wasn't much talk of Wembley or the Championship. What a turnaround the following season, and since. Yeah, we've had some extended periods of poor play but the job done by all involved is exceptional.

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