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Will 7lbs to 7lbs 15oz be happy to uproot and move to America?

Lancashire live have interviewd a bit of lead weighing between 7lbs and 7lbs 15oz after some kid in Dublin made them favourite for the weight of Harry and Meghan's baby.

"Harry and Meghan have always been close to my heart, ever since they got married" said the lead. "I once got to Windsor castle 90 minutes before it opened, just to soak up the atmosphere of the place."

"I'm flattered to be linked with the weight of the new Prince or Princess by someone in a Dublin betting office. They really know their stuff when it comes to the weight of royal babies. Thanks to weight fans on both sides of the channel, although my science teacher told me the correct term is 'mass'."

We are asking all you weight lovers and loyalists if you think 7lbs to 7lbs and 15oz will be the weight of the little baby?

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