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Yet more proof I have no idea what I'm talking about


  • Genuinely surprised by that.

  • I'm amazed, but to be fair there were plenty of people saying it shouldn't have been a red

  • The next time we have a player sent off for a wild studs-up two-footed tackle we can refer to this. Astonishing decision to rescind it.

  • It was as much a red card as the decision to award a penalty. Will that be rescinded too?

  • The crazy world of football...hope he scores a hattrick against the Owls now.

  • Wow, I’m amazed.

  • Watched highlights again to refresh my memory...and (wetting the bed as it may be) it does beggar belief that the penalty was given for something that is hard to see even with repeated viewings and the red card for what was (rolling about aside) quite a nasty challenge is rescinded. Football bruddy hell!

  • It wasn’t a red card but it’s interesting the ref wasn’t backed up on a poor decision. It should be an automatic suspension for the ref when a red card is rescinded.

    Good to hear that football doesn’t totally outlaw tackling.

  • I'm astonished that's been rescinded. As I said previously, you could perhaps argue about the colour of the card, but it was a 2 footed tackle that caught Kashket on the ankle in the follow through.

  • I definitely thought it wasn't a red at the time (with the benefit of a decent iFollow angle), but equally amazed that the card was rescinded.

    I basically thought that unless the sending off was a clear and simple example of pure farce (e.g. the McSporran/Senda "they all look the same" debacle) that red cards were almost never rescinded.

    The point being if marginal decisions which were wrong, but you can kind of see why they were given, get rescinded - then that opens the floodgates for an avalanche of similar requests.

  • @PBo exactly that. Has it been downgraded to a yellow, or just completely rescinded? I just can't understand it? I mean it's a clear foul and at the very least a yellow card offence, I don't think anyone could argue that. At worst it could be considered harsh, but it wasn't a wrong decision. I though only a decision shown in hindsight to be clearly incorrect could be overturned?

    I remember thinking the Pattison red at Bournemouth was harsh, but I also thought there was no way we'd get it overturned as it wasn't a mistake. Perhaps we should've chanced our arm!

  • It was on the milder side of the two footed spectrum, but he'd still left the ground and he still fouled Kashket in doing so.

    I can only imagine they viewed the Kashket mass rolling and our crowding of the ref as influencing the ref into a hasty call, but it's certainly surprising to see it rescinded.

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