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1957 semi v Corinthian Casuals


  • Two things I love about that footage...

    1) The assaults on the keeper when he's trying to release the ball (shithousing since before I was born)
    2) The Bishops' captain appears to be at least 110 years old.

  • That would be Bob Hardisty, there is a book out about him, being England's greatest ever amateur player.
    I'm sure one or two of our vintage posters maybe able to comment on Hardisty's ability.

  • I was at both matches and had never seen the film of the match v Corinthian Casuals before. It was good to be reminded what an exciting game it was. The Wanderers goal celebrations were very restrained by modern standards and the Casuals had none at all.
    Challenges on the goalkeeper were allowed at the time so were just part of the game and not an underhand tactic as implied

  • Picking up on Bob Hardisty, yes he was a great player who appeared totally unflappable and kept is team together as few are capable of. He was born in 1921
    so was into his 30s when we came up against him three times. He retired after we lost in the final at Wembley but came out of retirement to sign for Manchester United in the wake of the Munich air disaster but didn't get a game for the first team. He ended as a coach at United under Matt Busby. He had a distinguished career but, as with so many, the war interfered at a crucial time.

  • There seems to be some different reports of Bob Hardisty's time at Manchester United as I see from this:-
    "Bob Hardisty was a rugged defender with the Bishop Auckland team that dominated English amateur football throughout the fifties. He won seven Northern League championships with the club and played in all three FA Amateur Cup winning teams between 1955 and 1957. A regular member of the England amateur team, he was captain of Great Britain in the 1948 Olympics and served as player and assistant coach in 1952. He retired after the 1956-57 season bur returned to action in 1958 when, as a favour to his former Olympic coach Matt Busby, he played for Busby’s Manchester United in the first few games after the team was decimated by the Munich Air Crash."

  • I seem to recall that Corinthian Casuals celebrated goals with handshakes, something which Covid doesn’t permit currently although cuddling and jumping on top of each other is apparently ok.

  • The odd handshake perhaps but not too much of that is evident on the video. At one time they would miss penalties on purpose. They were the opponents on the day that Frank Adams gave Loakes Park to the club and I seem to recall that they all wore odd socks.

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