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Quick Friday quiz

In 1981, The Wanderers achieved a feat for the first time ?



  • Won every game on a Portuguese tour?

  • Not the answer I'm looking for !!

  • Defeated the Pizza Hut lunchtime all-you-can-eat buffet?

  • Applied for membership of the Football League.

  • Not the answer I'm looking for,
    The answer will be on the back of, on the pitch activities.

  • Won Isthmian Charity Shield

  • Not what I'm looking for.
    We achieved this feat at the 6th attempt !!

  • Is it something to do with beating the RAF in the Battle of Britain Cup? That stands out as an unusual fixture from the list in 1981.

  • We were finally allowed to compete in the London Senior Cup?

  • No, This quirky achievement involves the alphabet.

  • Damn, I’ve just rung off from a call to Ron Monk. He’d probably know. He gave me the right answer to another of your quiz questions @ChasHarps about a year ago and I think I claimed it as my own work -at least initially - but subsequently came clean. I think.

    Frustrating thing is there is something at the back of my mind about 1981 so I’ll keep working on it.

  • Is it the first time we beat 5 clubs beginning with H?

  • That's not what I'm looking for.
    The goalkeeper for the opposition,when this feat was achieved, was part of a footballing family in which all three brothers had distinguished careers.

  • This match saw a controversial Wanderers player depart in the 55th minute. Never to return again.

  • Steve Hardwick - was he sent off in the FA Trophy match at Cheltenham?

  • Yes that's the match, Mr Buzz.
    What feat was achieved that day ??

  • Achieving a victory at a ground beginning with V?

  • I'm nowhere near getting this!

  • Beginning to think that the "quick" in the title of this thread is more optimistic than saying we can still stay up

  • @Chris said:
    Achieving a victory at a ground beginning with V?

    Funny way of spelling Whaddon ?

  • Apparently the official name was the Victory Sports Ground although I have never heard that before today.

  • Played a team that didn't begin with 'B' in the FA Trophy for the first time?

  • The extra feat needed for Tom Burt's Hill to be classified a mountain?

  • @LX1 said:
    Played a team that didn't begin with 'B' in the FA Trophy for the first time?

    Agonisingly close Mr LX !!

  • Borrowing @LX1's prompt, the previous five First Round Trophy games were all against teams starting with 'B'?

  • Remember the 2nd round at Sutton when we got thumped 5-1 - Mr Hardwick suspended. After several years of underachieving in the Trophy, we were desperate to have a good run. Real shock and horror that day (plus a bit of anger as well). We just didn't lose matches by that sort of margin then. Slightly more acceptable if away at a tough Northern side, but not a fellow Isthmian.

  • It was actually the previous 4 not 5, 1st rnd times that were drawn against teams that started with B.
    Although you are on the right path, Mr P, this is not the answer I'm looking for.

  • Ah, OK @ChasHarps, because you said 6th attempt I included the Bedford Town replay in 79-80 as the fifth game.

    The Cheltenham keeper was Tim Lewis, who has had a long career in non-league management, if he is the same one I have found. Who were his two brothers?

  • Was it beating Bishop Auckland for the first (and only) time? 4-1 in the Trophy.

  • My mistake i thought Dave Latchford played in goal for the Robins that day (brother of Peter and Bob) but it was actually Tim Harris.
    But like i said, you and Mr LX are close, but have not come up with the answer, im looking for.

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