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Ex chair boys now managing

With Lennon and lambert recently gone, am I right in saying there is only one ex player now managing in the league?
Would be interested to hear of any managing in lower leagues.


  • Don't worry, I'm sure W*stley will be back for a fifth spell at Stevenage!

  • Including loanees I think there are three

  • Actually having now checked I make it four

  • 3 + 1 who doesn't count!

  • I’ll raise you one. I make it five.

  • I can't get to 5, unless you're counting Ainsworth

  • Is number five Jon Brady?

  • I am yes, given he’s an ex Wycombe player managing in the League. Have I broken the rules of the game??

  • I certainly count GA under the definition - he makes the five. - Ainsworth, Revell, Martin, Cooper potter.

    Good spot from @Chris that Brady of Northampton has some Wycombe connection but I cant find what.

    I suspect there are a few at non-league level but the only one I know of now is Micky Bell at Clevedon.

  • Jon Brady made 7 appearences under Martin Oneil for our reserves in 1994/95. He never appeared in the first team

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    Nikki Bull is manager of Leatherhead and Steve Claridge is at Salisbury. I’m sure there are plenty more.

  • Hakan Hayrettin is at Maidstone
    Mark West is at Thame

    I bet there are loads considering how many players have played for us over the years

  • @ChasHarps said:
    Jon Brady made 7 appearences under Martin Oneil for our reserves in 1994/95. He never appeared in the first team

    The Jon Brady I am thinking of was American and was with us at the same time John Kerr played for us the first time.
    Is the Northampton manager this one or another Jon Brady who's played for us?

  • Speaking of John Kerr, he’s the head coach of Duke University men’s soccer team.

  • Dean Keates at Wrexham

  • Plus Ben Strevens of Eastleigh

  • Wonder how many of the aforementioned have their teams playing passing football?
    Is it feasible when opponents of similar skill levels are also playing passing football?

  • Speed of thought and pass execution levels also similar of course (which probably goes without saying).

  • Do we include Russell Martin at Franchise, since they’re not a legitimate football league club ?

  • @RITM wasn't that 'Mike' Brady?

  • John Kerrs mate with the Keegan perm was Mike Brady.

  • And (unless it is a different one!) Mike Brady is currently John Kerr’s assistant coach.

  • @LeedsBlue said:
    @RITM wasn't that 'Mike' Brady?

    Could well be. He didn't play often enough for me to register obviously
    Didn't realise we had our own Brady Bunch

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    I saw him play one game - in the B&B away at Marlow. Shockingly bad. A 'Carlos Lopezian' performance...

  • Didn't we have a Matt Brady as well, a few years later? Ex Boreham Wood?

  • We did. Had a few years in Scotland and then at Windsor and Eton after we let him go.

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