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  • 20 years!!! Crikey

  • A unforgettable afternoon was had watching the game at Adams Park on a giant screen placed on the pitch facing the Frank Adams stand. I remember it was a sunny day with the sun at times reflecting off the screen making the visuals difficult. Every time Robbie Savage touched the ball the boos would ring out around the ground. Brownie’s sending off was greeted with anger and dismay in equal measures. When the winner hit the net the feeling changed to that of pure joy and elation. Leaving the ground after the game you looked at people’s faces to see many trying to comprehend what they had just seen and what the result meant. Took a couple of days to come down to earth again. To actually be at the game must have been amazing.

  • Marvellous post @davebevan. I was there reading that. In actual fact I was privileged to be at Filbert Street.

  • So far the only time in my life, while watching football anyway, I have been so carried away that I ripped off my shirt in public and swung it around my head.

    I was 41 years old at the time - so it want a pretty sight.

    What joy!

  • Brownie's sending off after the winning goal, though. Sanchez's sending off was beforehand.

  • Sorry about the errors in my previous post regarding the sequence of events within the game. I must get my anorak dry cleaned so I can use it again.

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