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Where do you do the majority of food shopping?

Delivered or in person

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    • I used to use the Tesco Express near the ground but it got a bad reputation.

    • Good selection of tomato sauces though @Wendoverman!

    • @mooneyman said:
      Good selection of tomato sauces though @Wendoverman!

      They do tend to leak from what I've seen though

    • I use Aldi / Lidl for the main shop, but pick up more exotic stuff (spices, pulses, oils etc) either online or at the Tara supermarket near Castlefield.

      Otherwise we try and bulk buy Asian foods at the Wing Yip cash and carry in Acton or similar.

      Since the pandemic it’s been a rotation of the online services with varying success.

    • Mainly online with trips to superb local butcher, bakery and greengrocers. Sadly no candlestick makers in this area of Notts. Clearly a fancy southern thing - I imagine there are multiple options in Marlow?

    • Forgot the bistros of Marlow. Guess that can go in with Waitrose/M&S

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