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The Generals and the replacements



  • I think Darius was a late draft into the generals/intergalactic space pirates.

  • Darius is/was an inspiration for Wycombe

  • The media area is close to where the subs and non-playing members of the squad sit, and I can tell you that Darius is one of the most vocal in support of the team. He’s a top guy and a valuable member of the squad whether he’s playing or watching from the sidelines.

  • I could be way off the mark here but I personally think the player that Anthony Stewart became last season, culminating in what for me was the greatest individual performance I have ever seen in a Wycombe shirt at Wembley, and now sees him deservedly wearing the captain's armband, was massively helped by playing alongside Darius.

    I used to watch them carefully during games and Darius was talking to him for the entire 90 minutes.

    The bloke's story is just incredible and you listen to him speak and it's obvious to anyone that he has so much to offer, whether that is in football or in wider society. Not many people in life has what he has. We've been privileged to have him

  • Hear hear @eric_plant - an absolute inspiration as a player and a human being.

  • Have to agree Darius has been (and seems still to be) an excellent presence at the club and long may it be so in whatever capacity.

  • @MindlessDrugHoover said:
    Hear hear @eric_plant - an absolute inspiration as a player and a human being.

    What about Darius?

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