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Match day thread: Derby



  • @Twizz said:
    Does anyone actually have a still looking along the line? Seen it back on iPlayer but that's not clear as I can't really see the no 3 on the near side.

    Someone's taken one on facebook.

    You're talking about 4 x Horgan's body before the defender.

    If that has been ruled out for offside rather than too quickly taken/rolling ball, it's up there with the all time worst calls.

  • Impressed with Kevin Friend. Derby player just went down and rolled with a scream right in front of him and he just ignored it. We should be able to claw this back but Derby will make it a grind i think.

  • Game very much alive. Horgan playing really well again

  • Tried to paste it in here, but doesn't look like you can post a picture that isn't a link to a site very easily (if you're not an IT whizz)

  • Should win this one.

  • Early second half goal for us and I think we win this - though Derby must surely improve in the second half.

  • It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable game. This is definitely a game where the points are there for the taking.

  • So so so frustrating... should be winning not losing.

    Playing well though, just need it to fall for us a bit more in and around the area, keep it up

    Come on Wycombe !

  • A lot of positives to take from that first half, we were good value to be leading, nevermind go in level. If we keep creating chances we could well turn it around again.

  • Good first half other than the OG

    We look the better side and would be up if not for one of the most truly awful lino decisions Ive seen

  • Probably the theme of the season, but we've looked poor when engaging in ball in the air ping pong, but decent when it's on the floor.

    McCleary has barely been in it, but Horgan is looking as sharp as he has for us.

  • Hopefully we don't have a silly 5 mins after half-time. Continue playing like we have been and its 3 points to us. Once we get the 1st goal the 2nd won't be long after

  • I've often wondered, now the officials are sat in their room, will they talk about these things, will they be aware what a mistake it was ?

  • I may end up eating my words but for the form team Derby look quite poor. We certainly do not look outclassed. Still expecting fouls we don't get to the whistle boys.

  • Horgan having his best game for us so far in my mind - really hope he gets on the scoresheet in the second half.

  • YES!!!!!!

  • Come on !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Always liked this ref

  • Get in. We look seriously pumped up. Derby frankly look like a lower league one outfit, perhaps partly down to how good we have been

  • Perfect start to the half, come on Blues!

  • This is some fantastic football. Lovely to watch.

  • What a start to the half. This lineup is really clicking.

  • playing some lovely aggressive football so far this half

  • Sod it screen went black just before the goal. Had to log off and come back in again. Ok now.

  • @micra said:
    Sod it screen went black just before the goal. Had to log off and come back in again. Ok now.

    If we need a late winner you know what to do.

  • @arnos_grove said:
    What a start to the half. This lineup is really clicking.

    Yep. Wheeler roaming, Knight sitting, Mccleary and Horgan wide, with Mehmeti in behind Uche. It's the best combination we've had all season for me.

  • Stay up front Uche!

  • I think Fred on for McCleary would be my first sub. Also, it’s great to see Grimmer and Obita so high up the pitch again.

  • A revelation is Knight in the middle. His first reaction isn't just to treat it like a grenade and spank it forward

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