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National League Chaos

Not sure if anyone is following this story.

The National League clubs have significant wage bills but very little TV money or handouts from above. They did receive grants earlier in the season in expectation that the behind closed doors scenario would be short term. Plainly this is not how things have worked out.

The League has ballotted clubs to see if they want to abort the season. All sorts of politics apply. Many clubs in the lower tier North and South divisions have taken matters into their own hands and refused to play as have in the top division Sam Woods Dover. If they do stop its far from clear whether clubs would be promoted into the EFL on PPG or simply lose their opportunity - currently old adversaries Torquay and Sutton are the top two clubs. If Sutton get awarded their cancelled game against Dover tonight, the two would be level on PPG. Would the EFL relegate two of its clubs into such an uncertain situation anyway.

All a complete mess. Must be doubtful all of the clubs will survive to start next season. More from the Guardian here.


  • I see Slough have been charged for not fulfilling two fixtures recently. Desperate situation for most of the clubs down there. Wanting to be considered 'elite' sport has backfired on them with interest.


    Awful situation for clubs like Southport. Football in the lower leagues is really on the ropes now and its heartbreaking to see. We can be fortunate, given are good position in terms of finances, but many other clubs are really struggling.

  • It's alot like opening your shop or pub whilst knowing you can't get any customers in. Keeping a big cost base with few of the incomes.

    Horrible for these clubs but some have rolled the dice on high wage bills and I have less sympathy for these. It has amazed me how few of these stories have surfaced during the pandemic. I wonder if the dam will break when sponsorship renewals and season ticket refunds and renewals start up again.

  • National League have voted to continue, NL north and south declared void:

  • My local side Dover Athletic have furloughed all their players and staff, as have Darlington - will be interesting to see what sanction if any is applied to them by the NL and how long it is before others of the 13 that voted against continuation follow suit.

  • To be fair Errol it was seven that voted against continuation not 13. Two clubs haven't voted yet and Wrexham abstained as being welsh different financial rules apply than in England.

    With no relegation, no crowds, no income, no tv and I believe no I-player, it is hard to see quite what is the point of Yeovil travelling all the way to Hartlepool this Saturday and paying players to play a match behind closed doors, the result of which makes no difference to them.

  • There will still be relegation though

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