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Jordan Obita

Joins from that Oxford on 2.5 year deal..


  • Looking at their forum Oxford fans appear to moderately rate him and not happy that he has joined us. "league 1 player next year" etc etc

  • He is 27 & an ex Reading player (163 appearances in the 10 years he was on their books) has represented England at U18, U19 & U20 level who plays as a left back/wing back

    Looks like a decent signing to cover JJ

  • Good signing

  • I have not seen Twitter, but I am hoping the announcement begins: "If you can't beat them....."

  • Oxford fans are pleased they got money for him. Sums up how they feel about him.

  • You know when a player signs for a team doing so well, he wonders how he'll get in the team?

    Could barely be more the opposite for this lad.

  • Said a few months ago he would be a good signing for you but he had just signed for Oxford, great servant for us who I thought was worth another year with us, came through our academy from 8 years old I think, will score a few as well.
    ps my Brentford mate thought you were the better team up to half time.

  • @Malone said:
    You know when a player signs for a team doing so well, he wonders how he'll get in the team?

    Could barely be more the opposite for this lad.

    I think Gary Hand would fancy getting the nod at left back in front of today's incumbent.

  • Interested to hear your thoughts on the two ex Royals performances.
    Willing you to go on a run and put three very big clubs down!!, Derby Forest and Wednesday!! Or maybe Brum.

  • Obita was probably the 1positive performer against Birmingham. Was ok yesterday, but needs to work on his set piece deliveries. I suspect with Jacobsen back in training now, he'll likely be on the bench on Tuesday. Very useful addition for us though.

    McLeary did ok off the bench yesterday, but the team faded in the 2nd half, as we've tended to do since the Covid lay off, so wasn't as involved as we would like. Good player

  • Too early to judge on Obita.
    He's come into two of our poorer performances of the season, with us being in a post covid lull.

    McCleary has looked superb in places, real quality on the ball, but like a lot of our silkier players , we struggle to get them enough quality ball.

  • I thought obita was solid defensively but expecting him to be JJ with a dead ball was a stretch...

  • my mate at bucks uni trained him as a young lad for reading. individual training. developing skills, touch and protection etc

  • We thought he would be Obita quality to back up JJ, but it remains to be seen.

  • Got a real run around last night. Kadeem Harris had him tied up in knots.

  • It was really good to watch Kadeem Harris last night. A bit of pride in the fact he's one of ours and producing the goods at a high level.

  • Didn't Kadeem play well...I think he has kicked on since he left us!

  • He was good going forward. But wasn't he also responsible for the challenge on Mehmeti that should have been a penalty?

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