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Has anyone connected an iPad to a tv using an hdmi cable and does it work


  • I got sound only when I tried it.

  • I've done laptop to telly and it works fine...

  • Me too with laptop and it's fine but I've heard that iPad's can be problematic. Do they have an HDMI port?

  • They have either a Lightning port or USB-C, I connect both to the HDMI in my car regularly without issue, however I've not tried it with iFollow as it feels a bit dangerous to drive and watch football at the same time.

  • Call yourself a supporter?

  • Pull the car over and get behind the lads

  • Doesn’t work via lightning in my experience and casting not enabled on ifollow.

    Tend to just watch on iPad which if close is the same effective size as the TV 8ft away so don’t feel the need to faff about as only me watching

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