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Dannie Bulman

42 years young today.

Still playing and featured in Crawleys last League game.

Crawley play Bournemouth in R4 of the FA Cup on Tuesday, 20 years to the day(-1) that he played a major roll in the Wolves game.


  • Just imagine if he were still playing for us. That would be a full 5 seasons longer than Matty B.

  • Was watching a documentary about an actor from towie (the only way is essex) be coming a pro at crawley.
    No idea how serious it really is but he got on for a min v leeds and used to be a semi pro 15 years ago.

    But in the doc Bulman showed up. When he left Wycombe he said he'd thoroughly loved being a pro. As if that was him done.
    To see him continue to be one for another 17-18 years after is superb.

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