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Players back in training and Spurs on (hopefully)!

Each Season ticket holder household to be send a free programme. Programmes £5 / Bundles for £15 which all sound quite good!

Hope everyone at the club and their families are ok. Fingers crossed the fact that the trading ground closure / isolation period hasn’t needed to be extended means the outbreak hasn’t been too serious and action taken was more precautionary.


  • Excellent news @wwfc_since_1993. Interestingly from your username, I began my WWFC journey in 1993 too, when I moved into the area from Sussex.

  • Assuming they woundn't normally train the Monday when there's no game on Tuesday, and they can train today, tomorrow, Saturday and even Sunday if they need to, we may not have lost much time at all.

  • Question.

    As a season ticket holder it seems I get a programme sent to me for free. Sounds great.

    But if I want access to the prize draw it costs £15 and I get another programme.

    Is there anywhere a mid way option as the draw has some great prizes and I don't really need two programmes?

  • Those raffle prizes are superb - really hope the club flog lots of tickets.

  • Can't wait for the incredulous commentary:

    "These Wycombe players were not even able to train until last Thursday, yet here they are 4-0 up on a Spurs side containing Gareth Bale!"

  • Decent gesture with the free program to each STH address.

  • I think I'll buy a raffle ticket even though I'll already get a programme as a season ticket holder (hopefully there's some way they can avoid sending me two)

    Like you say, some fantastic prizes in there

  • Top marks to the club for this! Likewise, as a season ticket holder I'm not fussed about receiving 2 programmes, but have bought the £15 package. Some fantastic raffle prizes in there.

    Hope they advertise it well and make a bit of money. Clever to offer some Spurs related prizes!

  • That walk on the top of the new Spurs stadium looks terrifying.

  • Fantastic prizes and good on the club for getting this organised, hope all our fans and lots of Spuds fans buy the package

  • I've bought the £15 package so two programmes for me too.

  • Yes bought the package and will give the spare programme to my postman who is a Spurs fan. The prizes are excellent and with the Spurs items included should make it of interest to the Spurs fans.
    Great work by the club to get this organised. ??

  • Let’s hope the club make loads of money with this fantastic initiative. Great prizes. Just bought my £15 package. Come on you Spurs fans.??

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