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Wycombe in for a windfall?

I remember Rob Couhig saying that he had insured the club against losses due to covid but the insurance company had refused to pay out. I wonder if todays court case that ruled that thousands of small businesses will be paid out will include us?


  • Today’s ruling seems to apply to businesses that **had ** to close their premises because of COVID. So pubs, shops etc. had to close and therefore they suffered ‘business interruption’ due to the external factor - COVID. Did we have to close? I think initially football volunteered to close, following some early positive tests but then football was instructed to close and so it seems our insurance should kick in at that stage.

    In comparison, the businesses where I work have been able to continue, due to working from home, skeleton staff, furlough etc. so we would not be eligible as we were not told to close.

    An insurance expert described it today as follow. Business interruption insurance is ‘normally’ used to compensate for a burst water main or similar incident where access to premises becomes impossible. I think on that definition then we should qualify.

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