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Adams Park chosen as designated vaccine site

May get into the ground this season after all.
Joking aside great to see the club putting the facilities forward for the use of the NHS to help the community get a jab.


  • edited January 2021

    In fairness it's in a tent outside the ground so you still wouldn't :)

    But agree totally on the second line.

  • All we need now is a coherent vaccination policy put into practice...over to Matt and Bozzer.

  • AND less red tape?

  • I hope the club is taking a fee for this? I wouldn’t have said this years ago but now the NHS is awash with private businesses stuffing their shareholders’ pockets it would only be fair.

  • @arnos_grove, I understand the club is getting a fee for this, but is it the football club or the Trust, as owners of Adams Park, who will receive it? The Trust do use Adams Park to raise revenue.

  • I had heard from a fairly reliable source that the fee is fairly minimal. We (not sure who the we is) wanted a decent (but fair) chunk at the start, but Bucks NHS (or whoever) played the poverty card and we came down a lot.

    Still more than covers any costs and will help generate awareness and positive news about the club so all beneficial

  • @bookertease said:
    I had heard from a fairly reliable source that the fee is fairly minimal.

    Hopefully the source is not the sadly lamented Richie!

  • My source tells me Richie is in training to become a ref

  • Lionel Richie will be playing in a tent in the Adams Park car park you say?

  • Is there a sell on fee?

  • No crisps though!

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