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Highlights of 2020

A post on the official Twitter page a few days back made me consider - counting out that incredible evening in July watching the boys see out the PNL at Wembley, what would your alternative Chairboys highlight of 2020 be?

For me, either Fred's last minute goal in the second leg against Fleetwood - even ahead on aggregate score I was still not certain we were going to do it till that hit the net - or Mr Wycombe getting a goal in the Championship with the equaliser at Derby.

Any other non Play Off Final 2020 highlights?


  • For me...beating Cardiff the other night was a marker for our Championship season. Survival was suddenly not such an outlandish idea.

  • Seeing the team come out at Fleetwood after lock-down, and then seeing how well we played in that game.

  • Sadly for me not being at matches has meant the memories don't seem to be sticking in the same way.
    So for me the moment the club turned the new floodlights on to full power at kick off in that emotional first game back is the one memory that seems real.

  • The moment JJ’s penalty hit the back of the net at Wembley, even though there followed an anxious few minutes till the final whistle......well, it wouldn’t be Wycombe without those worrying glances at my watch!
    Happy new year to all fellow fans, big month ahead that could shape the rest of our season.

  • Wembley aside, it was Nnamdi's goal in the 2nd minute in the first leg. I was so nervous before that game, with no idea what to expect after so long out.

  • The lap of honour that Gaz did before the Stoke game where he applauded us and we applauded him genuinely brought a lump to my throat.

    Was a wonderful emotional gesture and just the simple act of walking around whilst we applauded each other conveyed so much meaning.

  • Apart from the play offs etc..., Beating Sunderland was pretty special

  • The last-minute winner at Birmingham in November had me upending a can of beer all over my desk and not caring.

  • I was going to say JJ hattrick till I realized that was 2019!

  • As was Sunderland 🤦‍♂️......... Watford for me instead

  • It was pre-kick-off. So The tribute to the late Jack Charlton at Wembley as our lads linked arms.

    His face looking over us that day gave me a warm feeling that we would win.

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