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Ian Mitchell R.I.P.

It is with great sadness I have to report the passing of one of Wycombe Wanderers’ most fervent supporters. Ian Mitchell passed away last night, having suffered a fatal heart attack at home. Despite the efforts of the paramedics to revive him they were unable to do so.

Ian followed the Chairboys all his life, following in the footsteps of his late father Albert “Mitch” Mitchell. From the days of the “30 Club” at Loakes Park to the new Vice-Presidents Club at Adams Park, Ian was always part of our little group. In latter years we were members of the Woodlands Exec Club.

Ian was originally from Flackwell Heath and went to William Borlaise School in Marlow. His work often meant he had to travel worldwide and he often used to fly back from America or Europe, landing at Heathrow early Saturday in order to get to Adams Park for a 3pm kick-off.

Twenty years ago he & his wife moved to a village just outside Lincoln. Despite the distance involved he was ever present at all Wycombe home games & most away games too. He had even converted one of the bedrooms of his house to store all his Wycombe programmes and souvenirs - known to all his friends as “The Shrine”.

All I can close with is by saying that Ian was very pleased to have attended both the Championship games we were allowed to go to at Adams Park. It’s come as a great shock to us all as 58 is no age at all. Ian leaves a wife, a huge number of friends in the wider Wycombe Wanderers family and lots & lots of memories. R.I.P. old son.


  • So sorry to hear this Andy, that is a beautifully written tribute. RIP Ian.

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    Ian was a very good friend, going back to Loakes Park, he never missed a game, home or away, unless work got in the way. A group of us had been in the Woodlands Lounge for many, happy years, so this has come as a huge shock. He was a Chairboy through and through. R.I.P. Ian, it was a privilege to have known you.

  • Very sad news indeed, Ian was a lovely chap, and owned probably the longest Wanderers scarf, I've ever seen.

  • I cannot claim to have known Ian as well as those who have already paid tribute here or indeed be able to readily put face to name.

    All I do know is that when we were so strapped for cash in 2013, Ian was one of the first to start donating monthly to the Trust and followed that up by signing up for the Share Scheme as soon as it was launched. He more than 'did his bit' to help the club that clearly meant so much to him.

    At some point, I will need to make contact with his next of kin and executors but that can wait until later.

    Many thanks Ian for your superb support of the Club and Trust in so many ways.

    R.I P.

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  • Again I can’t readily put a face to the name but he is pretty much contemporary from my Loakes Park days onwards so must have known him (there really weren’t that many of us back then...)

    Regardless a sad loss. Condolences to his family and friends

  • As my pal has just said "You couldn't wish to meet a nicer chap."

    He sat behind me for years up until this season.

    A kind, gentle soul who was always in good humour, he will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him.

    Condolences to his family and friends. RIP Ian.

    Just when you thought this year couldn't get any worse, I echo the comments made above.

    Dreadful news.

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  • I never met Ian in person, but as one of the few hardy souls who went to Carlisle United on a Tuesday evening in October 2017, he kindly wrote a match report for Vital. RIP Ian

  • I'm not a regular visitor to this Forum, but I was pointed here by a Friend.
    I am stunned by this dreadful news.
    As has been stated in this thread, Ian was a really lovely, kind, cheerful guy.
    Whenever someone of your own age is taken, it really hits you with how fragile life is.
    Ian and I go back to schooldays, we lived very near each other in Flackwell Heath, and we use to visit the Green Dragon pub.
    We then played football together with FC Hampden.
    We would of course bump into each other at football grounds all around the country.
    Last time I spoke to him was when I visited Lincoln recently and asked for tips on where to visit. The amount of driving he used to do to get to Wycombe matches would really amaze me.
    Some people might have seen a picture posted recently on social media of me and Ian stood together at a ramshackle Trowbridge in 1990.
    I feel so sad for his poor wife.
    RIP Ian.

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  • RIP, sad news

    Cant say that I knew him but reading the post above I probably played football against him as we regularly played against FC Hampden

  • Really sad news. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. RIP Ian.

  • Gasman has thoughtfully uploaded a photo of Ian at Weymouth in 1986, with his legendary hand-knitted scarf.

  • A photo from two years ago, if anyone is unable to place the name.

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  • Ian became a good friend when we both worked for Cargill. He was a kindred spirit, in that we were both keen groundhoppers. We visited many Scottish league grounds together, various non-league grounds and met up with him in Carlisle as he qualified for The 92 Club in 2006.

    Our visit to Cove Rangers in early March 2020 will live long in the memory. Seeing Wycombe in the Championship meant so much to him and at least he managed a couple of games before his untimely passing.

    Rest in Peace Ian. He leaves a widow, Malgosia, and mum, Joyce. Our thoughts and prayers go out especially to them.

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