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What did you do when we equalised?

Ok not the best performance of the season. But what a buzz scoring that goal.

I released a guttural roar of pent up lockdown frustration, knocking a glass onto the floor that has shattered into tiny bits which I will probably still be stepping on in years to come.

Any stories about small pieces of glass or pet accidents welcome


  • @LX1 are you transmuting into INXS ?

  • I am aware of INXS and quite like their music...but not sure what you are getting at?

  • I was pressing refresh after my feed went down - rejoined to see Matt Bloomfield’s excited face

  • But what about the football?

  • @micra said:
    @LX1 are you transmuting into INXS ?

    ah yeah got it. sorry bit slow there.

  • Thought you knew I had the monopoly on ubiquity @LX1! I think it was @eric_plant who coined the tag. But you’ve been going mad (in a good sense) this weekend. Excessively? Don’t really think so. Inventiveness on here is surely always welcome.

  • @micra yes sorry, succumbed to lockdown drinking yesterday!!

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