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FA Cup

OK Swanny , suck on that.


  • He'll say it's our fault!

  • I guess Chorley's name just got added to the revenge tour, whenever they decide to schedule it.

  • So as a big club do we want a bigger club in the third round or a plucky minnow abs try for a cup run? I think we have it in us for the latter but at what cost to league survival?

    On a side note I feel for the small clubs this year, I really do. Imagine being Chorley and drawing Liverpool, Man U or Wycombe away and not being able to have most or any your supporters there for the great day.

  • I see that we're ball number 44 on Monday.

  • With a best case scenario of only a few fans beingxallowed to watch any third round game surely this is the year Wycombe get a real plumb tie.

  • Cue the t-shirt "I was there when Wycombe beat Liverpool/Man City/Man Utd etc in the FA Cup"

  • Well now that Sunderland and Peterborough did their best to avoid us, it's all a bit flat.

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