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Stoke (h) Selection ***POLL***

Who should Gaz and Dobbo go with on Wednesday night to represent the gasroom and get the boys over the line?

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    • edited November 2020

      If there’s no-one willing to tell the players to kick the ball away I’m worried we might start trying passing in our own half, so it’s a no-brainer for me.

    • To be honest, if I make the cut I'll probably miss most of the game staring in awe at the beautiful new floodlights

    • All the above.

    • But I’d like to be excused.

    • I have to admit to being a bit disingenuous. The guy who shouts AWAY is not really me. However he is also one of the only guys on the terrace that sings Barmy Army when everybody else is singing Chairboys. I'm starting to wonder who is more vital, him or Gaz...

    • I'm sure we've all nervously muttered "out" or "away" in games we're holding on late, or cheering every time our keeper has the ball or they lash wide.

      But shouting AWAY repeatedly just sounds hilarious.

    • @HCblue said:
      I'm with @chris.

      Are you in a "bubble"!

    • American fans and friends/spouses of Americans....”up the Wyc”ringing around an empty adams park

    • National anthem (Both) sung by talented local singer before kick off.

      Fireworks after the game (win, lose or draw).

    • Someone told me that the terrace will definitely not be open. But I can't see that actually written anywhere - unless it was on the preview show?

      So ability in performing "limbs" can be removed from the selection poll.

    • So certain are you

    • Is that you Yoda?

    • Plenty of time for that...first we must eat

    • The world needs more multi-lingual people to barrack match officials ("multi-lingual ref abuser" wouldn't be something I'd admit to in a court of law).

    • LX1LX1
      edited November 2020

      the abuse holds more sway if the abuser is freshly showered and wearing clean clothes though surely, regardless of his/her linguistic ability?

    • I've not worried about the boys having sufficient fan notification since finding out @NorsQuarters is there! So let's go with the nice hat.

    • It was close but now confirmed there will be a

      Repetitive fan who shouts AWAY every time the ball is near Wycombe goal

      at the game tonight. Nailed on 3 points.

    • I hope my flippant “all the above” wasn’t instrumental in bringing about a margin of one vote. Some may demand a recount.

    • How could it have been?

    • Have a heart Eric I was just feeling gay and making one of my silly quips. Not sure I even unndrestood you question!

    • @micra, If you voted for "all the above" then your vote doesn't change the margins at all, it just adds 1 to each total.
      Even The Donald couldn't claim that as voter fraud...

    • I know. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve lost the plot! Desperately trying to work up a bit Trumpillogcal nonsense and failed to do so. Time for me to don the chef’s apron and dunce’s hat.

    • *a bit of Trumpillogical nonsense.

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