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  • Saw that the other day, hadn't heard the full story before and now understand why Sheffield United fans have such contempt for him.

  • I saw your comment to Blades Analytics. I understand the anger, I'm sure I'd feel the same if someone ended, say, Anthony Stewart's career. I can't get behind the people saying he shouldn't be allowed to be involved in football, or worse, that they'd assault or kill him.

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    Yeah, there are always some who take it too far - and there are always two sides to the story and all that. You never know what's going through the head of the player responsible - I'm sure inflicting such an injury can be extremely traumatic.

  • I think we all know that GA is not the type of person to deliberately injure someone. But you get the impression United fans don't know or don't care about that. They seem to think he's just some malicious player who decided he was going to end Dane's career that day.

  • Such is the highly partisan nature of football fandom. One club's legend is another's arch villain. Difference is it takes years to become a legend (as Ainsworth has done at Vale, Lincoln, QPR and Wycombe) and only a couple of seconds to become a villain. As you said yourself - how would we feel about any player who ended the career of one of our own, however inadvertently?

  • For the endlessly paranoid like me, here's a link to the article with all the ads, tracking and spyware stripped out:

  • I remember Steve Brown breaking Brett Ormerod's leg which set his career back a year or two. Not sure Ormerod held/holds a grudge, it's part of the game. Clearly no fellow professional wants to hurt someone. I'm certain Ainsworth feels bad about it but what is he really supposed to do? If a letter isn't good enough is he supposed to donate some of his salary?

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    The fact that an apology took so long seems to be Whitehouse's gripe, but only Gareth could explain that.

    Also, players have probably suffered worse injuries and carried on playing? Surely it all depends on the individual and what condition their body is in. I think the idea that 'so-and-so ended so-and-so's career' is a bit too simplistic and sensationalist.

  • Talking of which how’s the Huddersfield guy after Tuesday?

  • Not at all nice to read that, and impossible to really judge from the photo how bad it was as a challenge. Not sure there's any footage out there either? Or whether that's not especially a nice idea to seek it out.

    But unfortunately that is the risk in this game. Getting a freakish bad injury that ruins things for you.

    Why are they doing a story on it now? Presumably because Gareth has the highest profile he's ever had as a manager?

    It certainly wouldn't be a nice trip for Ainsworth back to Sheffield United!
    He was "rested" and "injured" for the two games we played against them in 2011/12 even though he played the game directly before and after both.
    So clearly Waddock recognised it as a potential incendiary situation and was probably smart to keep him out of it.

  • I think I'm correct in thinking that the tackle wasn't even given as a free kick in the match itself?

    I remember Ainsworth being quoted that he had tried to reach out to Whitehouse, but didn't get a response (presumably the letter) and didn't want to force the issue. Very difficult to know what to do in that circumstance.

    Clearly a horrible thing to happen and you have to feel for the lad effectively having his career ended. Professional footballers always run that risk though. I remember the tackle by Williams (was it?) on Andy Baird in the Wimbledon cup match. Baird did come back from that, but was never the same player and ended up moving down to non league. Horrible tackle, but clearly the guy didn't mean to do the damage he did.

  • Nice of them to be balanced and get both sides of the story.

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