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Hogan Ephraim


  • Was your dad Tony, Tim? The Tony I have in mind famously asked a newly arrived 6' 8" striker introduced to us before a match if he'd come to change the light bulbs! If that's you it's good to know that you are on the forum.

  • Does Hogan know something we don't. He says in the BFP today , talking about signing for Wycombe, "it was perfect. He (Ainsworth) has been great with me, the assistant manager's been ideal, and the owner"

  • Doesn't reflect too well on Hogan's BWK as I believe the missing Eddie "errr" Monsoon would call it!

  • Well he was absolutely shocking tonight. So if he believes we can go up, he better start putting some effort in!!!

  • He does seem to have the touch,swagger and work rate of a certain Mr Morgan.

  • He was far from awful - but a bit frustrating in terms of delivery. I don't think anyone could question the work rate of the side tonight.

  • He was terrible, like watching Morgan without the skill. The first goal was his fault called for the short corner and caught ball watching, no way a planned move leaving our two centre backs stranded in the opponents 6 yd box. Seems to rate his own tactics above managements. Poor attitude and work rate .

  • Ephraim played like a pansy tonight. Weak in the tackle, useless in the air, the work rate of Dean Morgan, or less, show pony tricks which didn't come off. He hardly broke into a sweat, it was like playing with 10 men. What Ainsworth sees in him is absolutely and utterly beyond me.

  • I didn't think his work rate was that bad, he was always making himself available and looking to receive the ball, he just didn't play particularly well. My feeling was that he tired and got frustrated towards the end, which was when we saw him looking for free kicks and moaning at the ref. Bit harsh to question the guy's attitude, I think he just had a bad game.

  • The big sulk of the shag pad has been mentioned a few times, and I must say the way Ephraim's head dropped and the attitude set in felt like deja vu. When you're on a shoestring like us, you have no room for luxury players and I felt like we were carry him yesterday evening, especailly in the second half.

  • Hit the nail on the head Marginalista - we have absolutely NO room for luxury players

  • I don't think many people out there last night had a game to be proud of - but a team bad day at the office coupled with Argyle getting their tactics spot on (what do you do against a team that can barely score? pack the defence and hit on the break - easy) probably makes his game look worse than it was. He won the game for us at Cambridge to be fair.

  • Is Hogan possibly the subject of Matt Bloomfield's blog in the "When it doesn't work" section?

  • He better start doing something then coz i think he has shown nothing so far just a lucky freekick

  • Different team and proposition Saturday. (I'll be there :) ). GA and the team will be looking to bounce back, to much doom and gloom, the lads will make up for that under par performance, as they have after previous mid week loses.

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