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Match day thread: Brentford



  • Amazing what having a highly experienced Premier League ref does

  • Hope we'll see Fred on for Bayo (who's not having one of his better matches), McCleary on for Horgan, who's come into it but looks like he needs a break. And clearly Gape not quite ready to come back in yet (did the club ever say what his injury was?)

    I'd keep Kashket on for the full 90, he's such a live wire, it's great to see him racing into the box. He just needs to temper his exuberance for querying every decision that goes against him now he's on a yellow.

  • @Shev said:

    @Wendoverman said:
    Pity no Thompson goal to casually mention to my Notts County family members!

    Phil mentioned his Leyton Orient supporting friend too. I can only imagine being a fan of either of those clubs and thinking about letting Thompson and Kashket go so easily - especially as both fell through the trapdoor afterwards.

    Thompson took quite a while to get near our team. And many on here couldn't see what he provided

    Then almost overnight similarly the penny dropped and he became an exceptionally key player.

  • Some cracking saves from Rocky, but if he doesn’t start putting 6 feet less on those long kicks to the opposition keeper I’m going to joint the Allsopp Out Drone Army.

  • Bayo wasn't having one of his better matches against Birmingham for an hour or so and looked to be flagging - and then look what happened!

  • If it does take Bayo ten games to get up to speed the international break couldn’t have come at a worse time for him.

  • Gape and Bayo both look better early second half.

  • @Malone dont remember it taking that long but i do recall people not seeing what Thompson brought to the party. @aloysius hopefully SK not too seriously injured.

  • 20mins to go and Knight already has MOM sewn up

  • @Wendoverman said:
    @Shev and wasnt Kevin Nolan manager at BOTH
    clubs at the time they were releaesed? ?

    Don't think you can blame Nolan for Kashket - that was clearly to do with the owners.

  • Knight. Thompson. Grimmer. Three standouts for me. But a great shift from everyone today.

  • That’s a great point. Embarrassed for Brentford at the end there.

  • Great point and we could have snatched it! And a punch-up. Happy days!

  • Looking forward to the Swann column about Brentford stinking up the Championship.

  • Great point against a good team.. Knight MOM for me, but lots of really good performances, thought Horgan was great 2nd half... glad he didnt come off

  • Fantastic second half.

  • Some love for Rocky too - flawless today.

  • Peterborough lost to a 90th minute winner

  • Let's hope we can get the Knight loan extended for the rest of the season, he is some player. And let's hope other managers are watching and seeing what a good destination we continue to be for quality loanees.

  • Great result today - we more than matched Brentford and the icing on the cake was Peterborough losing

  • My ridiculously hopeful prediction for the Derby match might not be as outlandish as I thought at the time!

  • Excellent. Either Knight or Thompson could have MOTM for their performances. If we could just get a lucky bounce occasionally to score a goal or 2 we'd be sitting quite nicely in the table.

  • Good point I dare say we'd all have taken.

    Didn't have many clear cut chances though is the regret

  • Knight is just next level class isn't he. Amazingly assured performance yet again. Great all-round performance really, especially in the 2nd half.

  • Considering the quality of the opposition and how well we stifled them, arguably the result of the season. Definitely Knight's best game so far.

  • Agree with that @Twizz. Hardly noticed Anthony Stewart today but he must have done what he had to do (which wasn’t very much in the second half).

  • Superb. Tactics spot on. The first 10 minutes were shaky but after that we were well in the game and apart from a 10 minute spell after Kasket came off I though we looked the most likely to score.

    I actually think Bayo doesn’t actually have to do anything to have an influence on the game. His presence is enough to keep defenders busy.

    Two bad fouls on Horgan - no idea we didn’t get the second one after he played about 10 seconds advantage.

    Thought the Wheeler header was in - I really should know better.

    Bit lucky that their shooting was off when they did get it right but 2 great saves from Rocky.

    All in all a good, well deserved point against a decent side.

    And agree about Knight but actually thought JJs reading of the game defensively was really good today

  • @Malone said:
    Good point I dare say we'd all have taken.

    Didn't have many clear cut chances though is the regret

    The stats seem to suggest they did not either! Just got to carry on stopping other teams scoring!

  • @chairboyscentral said:
    Considering the quality of the opposition and how well we stifled them, arguably the result of the season. Definitely Knight's best game so far.

    Agreed. A fantastic 0-0 match to watch and Knight is an outstanding player. Roll on Tuesday.

  • Curtis Thompson MOM for me (Knight a close 2nd).

    With all these matches coming thick and fast I'm worried about the strength in depth of the central midfield. The big reason for me why we're looking like we can compete now is because we've moved away from a central triumvirate of Bloomfield, Patterson and Freeman, none of whom, with the best will in the world, look Championship ready. With Adeniran seemingly suffering from a knock, Gape not at full fitness and Thompson appearing to tweak something towards the end (hopefully easy to shake off), I do wonder whether we'll be able to play two from three each match up till Xmas, or if we'll have to go back to those we started the season with.

    I'd also like to see Fred start again. His cross for Bayo towards the end was scrumptious and should have been converted. We're spoilt for choice on the wings now and it's great to see us playing 442 with proper wingers again. I've always maintained that's the best system for us and it's clearly working, getting the most out of the squad we have and making us look balanced, more secure when defending and fast on the counter attack. It also gets the best out of Knight, who's looking more Mawson-like by the match.

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