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Ainsworth's back

Just listening to Mark Chapman & co on 5Live and it sounds like Gareth's back issues were a lot more serious than was let on, to the extent he could have ended up paralysed down one side after a prolapsed disk ended up trapping his spinal nerves. Early reports suggested he'd just overdone it in the gym but sounds really nasty. Wishing him a very speedy recovery.


  • Thought you meant he was back, rather than it being a thread about his back!
    But well wishes sent all the same!

  • I thought the same @Malone, but yeah, he mentioned on Chairboys Live that he might be without full feeling in one leg for a couple of months.

  • Will he be able to at least be at games for a while then? Or not even able to do that?

  • Listening to GAs interview with Matt Cecil earlier in the week on YouTube it was fairly clear the issue was a prolapsed disc - although not specifically stated.
    Usually it's a case of pain killers and rest rather than surgery and wait for it to heal naturally.
    The fact that they went for the surgery option so swiftly does suggest that his condition was more serious than many.
    Having said that I was quite surprised to see him up and about - sitting in a chair - quite so soon after the surgery.

  • Sorry, that was unintentionally misleading in the title.

  • He was pictured at training this week, so his recovery can’t be going too slowly. Hopefully he’s not rushing it.

  • @floyd said:
    He was pictured at training this week, so his recovery can’t be going too slowly. Hopefully he’s not rushing it.

    The phot at the training ground with Dobbo and the managerial trophy looked at tad photo-shopped!

  • I found the most interesting part of that interview to be that Darren Ferguson sent him a kind text earlier in the season. Guess not all in Peterborough hold ill will against us.

  • EFL Podcast from Thursday

  • I’ve had a prolapsed disc a few times and it is absolutely excruciating.

  • Had a couple of back problems and have to agree you forget how important to absolutely everything your tin tack is. Can't move, can't rest. Its awful. My best wishes to the boss for a quick recovery.

  • edited November 2020

    A bad back is a bit like a toothache, in that there is no position upright or horizontal that you can find that's comfortable. Touchwood, I have only had sciatica issues, mostly in my teenage years. Weird, that it kind of went away of it's own accord. Experience through my work, now suggests that it was quite likely caused by the body growing non-symmetrically. I don't think that is Gareths cause!

  • I managed to put my back out once, so i couldn't straighten up.
    I remember the doc advice of try not to stand up, lie down or sit.

    Never quite managed to hover though.

  • I've had back issues over the last ten years or so. I associate some of them with particular Wycombe matches. Jumping up to celebrate a Leon Johnson goal during our promotion run-in in 2011 slipped a disc. Travelled down to Torquay the following week in considerable discomfort, another trip to Torquay three years later - yes, THAT game - was in similar circumstances, though the outcome that day helped take my mind off it. Managed the 2015 trip to Wembley a week or two before back surgery. Luckily, apart from sporadic milder episodes, I'm much improved. I just hope we never have to travel to Plainmoor again.

  • If you will be engaging in limbs @NewburyWanderer

  • @Malone Should know better at my age πŸ™‚

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