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Marlow edge out Berkhamsted in last minute

For lovers of “the beautiful game” this was not the place to be tonight. Nuneaton Borough awaited the winners of this postponed FA Trophy tie from last Saturday.

A crowd of 230 turned out to witness the last live football for a month & the match started brightly with both sides playing some nice football. However it deteriorated as several of the visitors’ attacks were thwarted by bad fouls.

Marlow created chance after chance but were denied by Berkhamsted’s Spanish keeper Xavi Comas Leon. For all their skilful passing and chances created, Marlow resorted to a series of nasty and petulant challenges. The game was stopped as the referee called on home officials to stop a group of youths behind the goal from either abusing or throwing things at the Berkhamsted keeper (I couldn’t see which it was from where I was).

Following a goal-less first-half the visitors immediately took the lead as a cross from the right was spectacularly fired past his own keeper by Curtis Chapple. Frustrated after going behind Marlow resorted to some awful challenges and captain Chris Ovenden received a red card while five Marlow players were also booked.

The ten men equalised as Jordan Brown curled a free-kick exquisitely over the wall into the top corner of the net. With the match heading for penalties a free-kick was launched to the far post and Louis Rogers headed Marlow into the next round.

As the players left the field a fight appeared to break out in front of the dressing rooms. It was a very sad night for football. Marlow should have had three players sent off not one. The shame is that they were the better team & deserved to win and played some good football at times. But their tendency to resort to bar-room brawling was a bad advert for football. If the end justified the means then football was the loser.

** If anyone else witnessed this game and would like to add further comment please post it on here.


  • Did you brave the elements @EwanHoosaami ?

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  • Sounds like your physiotherapy services might be called upon.

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  • Sadly no, @micra A late arrival of a client, which meant a late finish, coupled with a serious case of CBA, (now can't be arsed), meant I spent the night in. TBH, by the time the last client left, it was very cold outside & meant missing my tea or the football. On this occasion, my digestive system was the clear winner!

  • And sounds like you were in the right place. It eventually went down to minus two and I’ve never seen so much condensation on windows. Going to have to up the CH thermostat!

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  • @micra said:
    Sounds like your physiotherapy services might be called upon.

    I attended the previous round away at Phoenix Sports, that was pretty "rugged". Sounded like last nights match was more of a MMA match, so not too disappointed to have missed last night now!
    @A_Worboys I completely understand your sentiments, sadly it will be remembered only by those who attended. A bit like a golf scorecard, it doesn't say how, just how many! Kind of like our promotion under Peter Taylor, a turgid watch, but it doesn't say that on the record books.

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