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Ingram Update?

I heard an interview on 3 counties radio last night after the match with Lynch and he said Ingram was nearly fit. Given it was in the press all this week that Ingram was fit for yesterdays game when clearly he was not, its a job to know whether this was Lynch giving the party line or was a statement of the truth. Is there anymore info that perhaps came out last night that anyone heard. This is not withstanding that Lynch did a good job last night but I am sure everyone would agree Matt should play ahead of Lynch and for his sake I hope he is fit and does not miss out on a day that he certainly deserves.


  • The lack of official information coming from the club about this is both worrying and annoying. I can understand not wanting to tell the opposition who is playing, but some news publicised on the website, social media etc would be welcome. We don't even know what he's done besides the fact that it's his knee (unless I missed something...)

  • I don't think he'll be fit for Wembley, but that's just my guess. I'm entirely happy for the club to leave everyone including the opposition guessing.

  • Ainsworth is hopeful Ingram will be back in time for the play-off final against Southend United on May 23.

    He said: β€œThere is a big chance he will be back for Wembley but I’ve said that for today’s game so people will start saying I’m crying wolf but there genuinely is a good chance he will be back for Wembley and he is the second happiest person in Wycombe tonight. I’m the happiest and he is not far behind.”

  • thanks Len, had not looked at the BFP site

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