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More programmes needing a new home... FREE

These have been following me from house to house all over the UK for over 30 years, mainly living in a large plastic box/tub in garages and lofts. Certainly not pristene and on some I have noted team changes. They start season 1988-89 (thirteen), 1989-90 (19) including the infamous loss to Met Police and the arrival of MO'N, 1990-91 (44) FAT, 1991-92 (35), 1992-93 (39) FAT & promotion to Football League, 1993-94 (35) Playoffs, 1994-95 (27), 1995-96 (25), 1996-97 (24), 1997-98 (5), 1998-99 (3), 1999-2000 (6), 2000-01 (16) FA Cup run, 2001-02 (11), 2002-03 (7), 2003-04 (13), 2004-05 (8), 2005-06 (3) and 2006-07 (4) Carling Cup run. Currently living in Scotland, will be on the move again soon (hence the offload) but I am a frequent visitor to London/SE and would be happy to drop them off for someone who will enjoy them. The alternative this time will be recycling...


  • That’s a tremendous collection from one of the greatest times in our history. Have you thought about offering them to the club if no one takes you up on it?

  • I contacted them first to ask if they knew of anyone who would be interested, there used to be a chap in a cabin in the car park but apparently he stopped about 10 years ago. The Club have an archive for the last 40 years and they suggested I try here...

  • Hi holtspur - I've got a collection of a couple of hundred wycombe programmes from 1950-1990.
    I'd be very interested in providing a home for your collection - have sent you a message with more details.

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