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Tomorrow's ifollow

I have just gone into ifollow to set up for tomorrow's game. I am a season ticket holder but have been charged £10 . I thought that the email from the club requesting I 'purchase' a ticket gave me a free pass for home games.

Just read through the website instruction and it said I'd receive a code - I have not received a code just an email telling me... as above.

  1. When will the code arrive or has everyone else got one already and not me?
  2. How do I get my £10 back?


  • Email from the club arrived yesterday about 12:15. Without the code issued from the club you'll be charged £10. Not sure how else you'd expect it to work.

    You have to "buy" a match day pass then apply the code to get a £10 discount, so you're actually charged £0.

    At least that's how it worked before.

  • @woodlands , was the email addressed "Here is your iFollow code for Saturday's game"?

    The club tweeted that something like 30 or so emails bounced back. If you're a season ticket holder and definitely didn't get the above titled email, maybe you were one of those, and instead you've just got a mail that goes to everyone on the database who isn't a STH.

  • I'm not able to watch tomorrow as I'm away with Marlow United FC. Thought I would get everything set up for the good lady and son. Went into IFollow to apply code but it said I already had access, yet the club had sent through 3 access codes?

  • @Malone thanks. Have received previous codes but not this time.

  • I’ve been having similar difficulties @EwanHoosaami. I got the same message. I could not find where to input the great long promotional code and wondered if I don’t need it. I’ve sent an email to the support people more in hope than expectation! All this was on my iPhone. I’m hoping to have better luck with the laptop tomorrow. I generally get there eventually but without really knowing how I’ve done so.

    Shame you’re missing out. Hope the family are able to set it up ok.

  • All sorted for me now thanks to Ben Griffiths what a star he is. His email respone arrived at 2310 last night . What a great bloke and such dedication to us all at our club.

  • I’m with you on your Ben Griffiths’s comment. I didn’t receive my IFollow pass for today’s game and emailed the address given on the clubs Twitter feed. Ben sorted it out within 10 minutes. The team behind the scenes at the club do a great job. I believe they’re working with reduced numbers due to Covid so it can’t be easy for them.

  • Guys, thanks for your comments regarding Ben, which will be fed back.

  • Fully agree about Ben and the others working at the club. Proud to have them running the day to day in these trying times.

    Not sure the IT and the good people at iFollow are helping them

  • I assume i will get phil at some present i just have 3CR threatening me with forest green v Stevenage

  • @Wendoverman they haven’t split the frequencies yet. All Luton and MK so far.

  • I don’t think anyone in the back office at the club goes home before 9pm. They are genuinely flogging themselves for the cause.

  • Reading a lot of people moaning about the ifollow pass on fb.

    Is this a device issue, as on a laptop it seems pretty easy if you follow the instructions.

  • Im lucky it has always worked for me so far (touch wood)

  • During the "lockout", was it expected that season ticket holders would get an iFollow code for away games as well?

  • Midweek matches was part of the deal.

  • Thanks for the updates, must have missed that announcement.

  • It's superb.
    Just seems odd. Have Wycombe paid it for us?

  • Tomorrow night's game is also on Sky Red Button (as is Birmingham away I believe). Fingers crossed the pictures aren't too far behind Phil's commentary!

  • All originally scheduled midweek Championship games are on Sky red button if they're not the main broadcast.

  • I have my code and will be trying to watch the second half on the train home from work. Damn the lack of total.lockdown...

  • @Malone said:
    Reading a lot of people moaning about the ifollow pass on fb.

    Is this a device issue, as on a laptop it seems pretty easy if you follow the instructions.

    My problem on Saturday was that, when I switched on the ancient laptop at 2.45 pm, a message informed me that a software update was in progress and might take some time. After five minutes it had reached 2% so I decided to log in on my iPhone. That was quite easy but it wasn’t ideal viewing on such a tiny screen. About 3 pm a message on the laptop told me that the updates were being reversed (or words to that effect). Eventually a familiar App- littered screen reassuringly appeared and I used Google to get to the match page. It had my name top right and the match details were displayed with a small box saying Matchday Experience or something but, despite tapping and hovering over everything in sight, I was unable to get to the game.

    I wondered if the problem arose because I was already tuned in on the iPhone. I didn’t want to risk logging off on the iPhone so I continued to peer myopically at it. Better than nothing but then my sister’s name appeared on the screen inviting me to accept or decline her call. Naturally, I declined! And I did so twice more. But I did ring her later in the evening.

    Hoping for better luck tomorrow but I think I’ll have to persuade ‘er indoors to let me watch on the big screen. I assume the whole match is shown under the red button?

  • Red button available...apparently. But who will the commentator be?

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